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Christmas Japanese Treats That Come As Pies!

18 December 2017 by Nic

Japanese treats are not only delicious, but they are also made with such care and creativity! There are some really unique shaped snacks out there, and ones that even make you wonder what it truly is, but holiday themed Japanese snacks always really reel us in. In October, there were these adorable pies that became very popular in Japan. Now, that same company has introduced a new Christmas series that is proving to fly off the shelves just as quickly, if not mores so! Wanna find out what these look like? Check it out below!

This time around, we have three different pies that are inspired by Santa Claus, a snowman, and a Christmas tree! They are all totally adorable, and even more delicious! Each pie comes with a different flavor inside as well. We wish we could shove these into our Japanese snack boxes, but we don't want to ruin these pretty little things! Plus, it might not arrive as fresh as we'd hope!

The first pie, good ol' Saint Nick, is made to feel like you are eating a hot bowl of cream stew. It has a cream stew base, potatoes, and salmon bits that are definitely going to leave you wanting more!

The next Japanese treat here, the snowman, will leave you feeling warm and satisfied after a long day out in the cold. It contains a hearty beef stew filling made with beef, mushrooms, and red wine. A savory treat that would be perfectly followed up with some sweet Japanese candy!

Speaking of sweets, this next Christmas tree pie is exactly that! It has a cream cheese filling that is mixed with cranberries and raspberries that would please any fan of sweet and sour foods! A perfect Christmas treat for a sweet tooth!

So, are you droolin' yet? I know we were just ready to dash out the door to go grab at least one of each of these (but let's be real, could we really only get one of each)! Let us know in the comments below which pie you'd like to try most!

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