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Happy (Otaku) Holidays!

Hey TokyoTreat fam!

It's finally that special time... the holiday season! This year just seems to have flown by! How did it feel for you? Did you have a good year? It's around this time we get some time for rest and relaxation, to put some time into our hobbies and doing what we love. We're thinking an anime marathon to catch up on our fave shows is in order. How about you? If you're down, then that's exactly why we've created this Otaku Holiday box, so you'll have plenty of awesome Japanese snacks to munch on!

How to spend Christmas in Japan

I'm sure some of you know about some of the interesting traditions Japan has when it comes to Christmas, but we thought we'd give you a little run down and some recommendations of our own. Get ready to experience Christmas the Japanese way!

Winter Illuminations

Winter Illuminations in Japan

Every year in Japan on the run up to Christmas and New Year, Tokyo lights up... literally! All across Japan, but especially in Tokyo you can find stunning illuminations that will blow your mind and warm your heart and soul with their charm. Sometimes they're themed, but mostly an area is lit head to toe in beautiful lights. It's hard to pick the best, as it can be up to personal preference of location and whether you can deal with crowds or not (some of these places get very busy!) so we've got a guide here to give you some ideas if you want to check any out!

Christmas Cake

Japanese Christmas Cakes

Of course Christmas wouldn't be the same without cake, and Japan has you covered here too. Although it might be a little different to the fruit cakes you might have or something more traditional. The most 'traditional' Japanese Christmas Cake is probably the Strawberry Shortcake; a strange but delicious choice! If that isn't your thing though, there are thousands of varieties to choose from, although most feature strawberries in some form. Great for strawberry lovers!

Have a Merry KFC Christmas!

KFC Christmas

One of the most famous differences about Christmas in Japan is Christmas Dinner. Forget your traditional Turkey and stuffing... KFC is where it's at! You have to be quick though, the best Christmas sets get booked up for months before! It might also be a bit strange seeing Colonel Sanders dressed up in Christmas garb too, but it's actually a pretty fun tradition to take part in, at least if you like fried chicken!

This Months Snack Box

We hope you're excited about this month's Otaku Holiday box theme! Let us know what you're hoping will be featured in the box in the comments below!

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