Must Try Japanese Snacks At Tokyo Disney Land & Sea!

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Most people go to Tokyo Disney Land and Disney Sea for the rides, attractions and parades. Others (*cough* me..), however, come mainly for all the cute and tasty character-themed Japanese snacks that both Disney theme parks have to offer! The choices of fun and colorful food, drinks and desserts were endless! Last time, we covered some of the popular Minion snacks available at Universal Studios Japan, so this time we've rounded up some of our favorite Disney Japanese snacks!

First thing we did once we entered Disney Land was make our way to the Sweetheart Café to grab a couple of ridiculously cute-looking pastries! We just absolutely adore this Monsters Inc. Mike Wazowski Melon Bread! We took a big bite into it and as expected, the bread was perfectly sweet and soft!

Kids and adults alike will love this Mickey Black Cherry Danish! The generous amount of black cherries on top of the pastry gave it a fresh fruity flavor that paired perfectly with the smooth, creamy custard. There are Orange Danishes available too if you want to opt for a more tangy and refreshing snack!

Familiar with the saying "Give a dog a bone, and they wouldn't be able to resist"? Actually, we just made that up, but the point is, we couldn't resist this azuki (red bean) filled bread that's inspired by Pluto's bone! It has a generous amount of red bean filling, but isn't overly sweet which makes it perfect for a quick snack, perhaps while waiting for a parade to start.

Okay, sure the rides at Disney Sea are fun, but we gotta admit one of the biggest reasons we were hyped about going were because of the adorable ice cream mochis! The Little Green Alien Mochi Dumplings hands down were one of our favorite Disney desserts that we ended up going back and buying it for a second time! Each of the mochi had different ice cream filling: custard, chocolate and strawberry.

We never tire of Mickey and Minnie-shaped foods and desserts at Disney! Before we went home, we made sure to snag this ice cream pop resembling Minnie Mouse! Ending an exhausting but extremely fun day just seems right with ice cream, don't you think?

Which of these Disney themed Japanese snacks would you go bananas over?! Let us know in the comments below.

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