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Mirai Suenaga and Danny Choo, who are they?

10 August 2016 by Miki

Since you all know what TokyoTreat's September box's theme is, we want to tell you more about Mirai Suenga and her creator, Danny Choo as promised in our last TokyoTreat post.

Mirai Suenaga was originally created as a mascot for Danny Choo's website in 2007, but since then, has taken the world by a storm! She has gained so much popularity that she has become an official mascot for both Japan and Malaysia Tourism. The forever 17-year-old High school student Mirai Suenaga has such a large cult following, she has her own story had her own show on TV. She has even gone on to collaborate with many anime and game companies.

Danny Choo the mastermind behind the ever popular Mirai Suenaga character and popular site Culture Japan has long been living in Japan before the birth of his creations. With a rich past working with and at many Japanese companies, he has become both a go-to guy for anything Japanese culture related as well as an entrepreneur, creating his own line of fashion dolls known as Smart Doll. He has also been both accredited and worked with the Japanese government to introduce Japanese culture to the rest of the world.

Now that you know a little more about TokyoTreat's September box collaborator and her creator, are you even more thrilled to get your hands on the very limited items?

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