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A large water slide at a park, one of the things to do in Osaka.
A large water slide at a park, one of the things to do in Osaka.

Best Things to Do in Osaka: Top 5 Water Parks!

Karina IkedoKarina Ikedo
Published Time
Posted on May 16, 2023

The cherry blossom season is over, and the hot summer months are approaching. If you want to experience something more than sunbathing, visiting a water park may be right up your alley. One of the most fun things in Osaka is spending a day in a pool-themed amusement park!

One of the best places to beat the summer heat is at one of Osaka’s fantastic water parks! Osaka has many water parks that will thrill visitors of all ages! Here are the five best water parks in Osaka to visit this summer.

Spa World 

Spa World is one of the best water theme parks in Japan. The water park is located near JR Osaka Station and is easy to access via public transportation. The convenient location and high-quality facilities make it a popular spot among tourists. 

The water slide at Spa World, one of the things to do in Osaka
Spa World has an enormous indoor water slide! Image via Expedia

If you are a water slide enthusiast, check out the reverse drop and the spinning waterslides. The Panic Tornado is a thrilling 105-meter-long high-speed slide. The Pinnacle Burn slide offers a 70-degree angle, providing a more compelling and exciting experience. In addition to the falls, the water park has a lazy river that circles a small pool area. 

Don’t miss the pool area on the eighth floor in Spa World Osaka! The water temperature is adjusted to correspond with seasonal temperatures. There is also a pool area for kids where even babies can play.

The indoor and outdoor pools both offer incredible views of Osaka’s cityscape. You get a charming view of the Tsutenkaku Tower, one of the most iconic symbols of Osaka.

The Islamic bath at Spa World, one of the things to do in Osaka
Spa World has many internationally-themed baths! Image via Booking

This water park has two floors; not to mention, Spa World also has a fantastic onsen! The onsen area has two sections, one Asian-themed and one European-themed, respectively. So, you can feel like you have traveled far and wide while bathing. 

If you want to relax, these stylized hot tubs are perfect! Spa World also has a gym, restaurants, and relaxation spaces. There’s even a hotel if you discover you don’t want to leave!

The Boon 

Visiting Hirakata Park? Pack a swimsuit and make a detour to its large water park—the Boon Water Wonderland. You can take an unhurried float along the lazy river or have fun at their thrilling water slides!

A "whitewater rapids" slide at The Boon in Hirakata, one of the things to do in Osaka
White water rafting is a class at any water park! Image via GLT JP

The water park is open during the hot summer and is perfect for escaping the city’s heat. Cool yourself off at the scenic pool on the hill, the beach pool, or the pool with fountains. There is even a small 20 meters pool just below the turning curve of the Red Falcon roller coaster. There is something special about swimming underneath a jet coaster while enjoying a breathtaking view of Osaka. 

But the fun doesn’t end there! If you feel bold, take the Crying Tube for a smooth and thrilling ride. It is a high-speed waterslide ridden on an inner tube that you slide down in a swim float. Another famous ride is the Canyon Ride. A super thrilling water slide that tosses you left and right as you plunge down raging canyon rapids.

A bunch of people in a large pool in The Boon in Hirakata, Osaka.
This pool is located in Hirakata Park. Image via GLT JP

It’s a fun, fully-equipped water park! So why not bring your loved ones here this summer vacation? The Boon is guaranteed fun for the whole family during the summer! 

Can’t make it out here in the summer but want to try refreshing Japanese snacks and drinks? Check out TokyoTreat! TokyoTreat delivers the latest Japanese snacks, sweets, beverages, candy, and noodles straight from Japan to your door, so you can taste Osaka without leaving your home!

Tsurumi Ryokuchi Water Park

Tsurumi Ryokuchi is one of the most beautiful water parks in Osaka. Just a short walk from Tsurumi Ryokuchi Station, this public swimming pool is in the park’s botanical gardens. It has an indoor pool open all year and an outdoor pool available in the summer. The lockers in the changing rooms are free to use, so you don’t have to worry about getting your personal belongings lost.

A kid splashing at the end of a water slide.
There are plenty of wave pools to enjoy! Image via Shutterstock

It boasts a variety of pools featuring attractions and is so popular that it reaches total capacity during holidays. A glass dome encloses the indoor pool, giving it an open, liberating feeling. 

The suspension bridge and coconut trees create a tropical atmosphere that makes you feel on holiday! Its other attractions include a 78-meter slide, a running water pool, caves, a jungle-style jacuzzi pool, and a children’s pool. You can even swim in an excellent giant wave pool!

A father and daughter wearing goggles and smiling while underwater.
Tsurumi Ryokuchi Swimming Pool is fun for the whole family! Image via Shutterstock

You can fuel up on typical Japanese summer food when taking a break from the water. Many restaurants and cafes around the park serve Japanese snacks, meals, and cold drinks. 

Osakajo Water Park

The Osakajo Park has three huge pools and an infant pool with four different sliders. You can enjoy and play in the special swimming facilities in front of the iconic Osaka Castle! 

A large pool at Osakajo Castle Park, one of the things to do in Osaka.
You’ve never seen a castle park this lively! Image via Activity Japan

The Boomerang Slider is the first boomerang slider in the Kansai area. With sudden ups and downs, this slider will make you beat the heat and have fun while you are at it.

You can jump into the sky from the Jumping Slider and swim in huge 20-meter pools. But the fun doesn’t end there! Drift down 150 meters with a floating board on their Water Long slider.

The night activities are entirely different, with the fun projection mapping over the pools. Enjoy light-shining projections and good music by the pool from six to eight at night.

A large slip and slide in Osaka Castle Park.
This water park is close to the legendary Osaka Castle! Image via Activity Japan

The area has a snow park and a World Beer Festival, which you can enter for free. If you like taking a break from the water, you can relax in their sun terrace. It has plenty of tables and umbrellas; you can bring your tent. 

Misaki Park Pool Land Rio

The Misaki Park has a water park, a zoo, a Japanese amusement park, and a dolphin show venue. The pool area is open during the summer. They feature jumbo-sized pools and twisting and turning slides, providing a fun day out for adults and kids alike.

Dolphins jumping out the water at Misaki Park
Misaki Park is great for people to see some amazing dolphin shows! Image via Travel to Osaka and Kansai

There is also a circular ring with a current flowing, where you can float, swim, or walk around. Don’t miss the Flat Slider and the Straight Line water slides for a fun ride. But the highlight is the Water Jungle, which releases a torrent of water! 

With many play areas for children, this location is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. There are shallow pools for small children, hydromassage pools, and presentations with dolphins and other aquatic animals! Enjoying the dolphin shows, and other attractions in your swimming wear is possible.

Parents, couples, and ex-pats on holiday often look for trips that combine cooling off with having fun. These five fantastic water parks in Osaka will have visitors laughing and screaming for more.

A yellow coaster splashing at the end of a water ride.
Going to a water park is one of the best ways to beat the heat! Image via Shutterstock

The best part is that these waterparks are an excellent way to spend time alone or with family. So when the heat gets unbearable, grab your swimsuit and sunblock and wash at these water parks! Have you been to any of the water parks on our list? Do you have a favorite water park in Osaka? Let us know in the comments below!

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