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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogGetting Your First Box: TokyoTreat vs. Bokksu

Getting Your First Box: TokyoTreat vs. Bokksu

By Sho Yamamoto
May 05, 2022

So you’ve made the decision you want to get into subscription boxes, but you haven’t quite figured out which one to get. There’s few options out there, but how will you decide what’s going to be the best for you? Well, let us help you with making the right choice!

Subscription boxes really hit their stride in the mid-2010s, and Japanese snacks were on the menu if you were looking to venture into yummy treats from overseas. TokyoTreat was one of the first to do it, and has been a very popular choice for many customers around the world.

TokyoTreat specializes in limited edition snacks (like rare KitKat flavors), Japanese exclusive drinks (like Fanta and Calpis), instant noodles, and a variety of full sized snacks. It’s a company that’s been around since 2015. It’s adapted over the years, and it caters to those looking to bite into modern Japan through popular Japanese treats!

Another company, Bokksu, similarly sells a Japanese snack box, and caters to those with a traditional palate and offers rice crackers and teas.

So while we’ve compared TokyoTreat and Bokksu’s Sakura 2022 boxes, done a booklet comparison, and did a Valentines box face-off, today we’re going to look at what you get in your first box!


With Bokksu, your first box with them will always be what they call “Seasons of Japan”. This box is designed to give you a peek into the different seasons of Japan. At first glance, it looks pretty good. You get 22 Japanese snacks, candies, tea, and a guide booklet.

But when looking closer at what’s included, you actually only get 16 different items, and doubles of some of the smaller ones. While 22 total items seems like a lot, they’re all quite small, and there is only one full sized snack (Seaweed Tempura crisps).

Another thing: most of the items that will come in their first box haven’t changed in over a year rather than offering you new seasonal snacks.

The first box will also include a snack guide, giving you information about the snacks themselves, where they came from, and who made them. The booklet also teaches you a few Japanese words and highlights one of the snack makers.

But beyond that, you don’t get too much information about Japanese culture or anything about the box theme (besides those Japanese words).

Alright, now that we’ve talked about Bokksu’s first box, let’s see what you can get with TokyoTreat for your first box!

Are you ready to snack out with the latest Japanese limited edition snacks? Well TokyoTreat will deliver the best of popular Japanese treats, right to your door!


One of the great things about your first TokyoTreat box is that you can always get whatever current theme is out! If you’re wanting to get the seasonally popular sakura or Halloween themed boxes, it’s no problem! Whenever you join, you can always get the latest box that TokyoTreat has!

As for what you get in TokyoTreat’s Japanese subscription box, you can count on getting the latest limited edition snacks and exclusive drinks from Japan!

You’re guaranteed to get a rare Japanese KitKat flavor in every box! You will also get new flavors of refreshing Japanese beverages, like Calpis Melon Cream Soda, or the Caramel Popcorn Soda carbonated soft drink that’s in the current TokyoTreat box!

TokyoTreat boxes contain 15-20 unique items. With full-sized treats, and the addition of instant noodles into every box, there’s no doubt that TokyoTreat packs the boxes with lots of high quality items!

Each of the TokyoTreat boxes will also come with a 24-page Culture Guide. In this booklet, not only will you get a full breakdown of each snack you get, but you will get in-depth articles on things related to the month’s theme. Currently, our theme is Snackin’ Shibuya, so you will get to read about different things about Shibuya and the food you can get there!

If it’s your first box, you can start collecting Streaks points by scanning the QR code at the back, which will get you rewards like a lifetime discount or bonus rewards like free gifts!

One more thing: in each booklet, there are details for the monthly TokyoTreat Photo Contest, where you can post a photo on social media using the monthly themed hashtag. There will be up to 7 winners every month: 2 Grand Prize winners and 5 Runner Up winners! Sharing a photo of you and your TokyoTreat box full of kit kats and candy bars might just win you free boxes!

No matter when you join the TokyoTreat Family, you’ll always be able to get the best of what’s new from Japan! Because Japan loves its seasons and its limited time food, you can always count on getting the latest popular snacks and drinks with TokyoTreat.

Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, it’s clear that TokyoTreat is the way to go for limited edition treats while wanting to be able to join with any current theme! Hope you’re ready to experience modern Japan’s way of snacking!

Enjoy Delicious Japanese Candy And Snacks Every Month!

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Sho Yamamoto

Lover of music, Marvel, gaming, and all things Cool! I'm here to dissect, digest, and disseminate culture, so come and enjoy the ride!

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Enjoy Delicious Japanese Candy And Snacks Every Month!

Starting from $32.50 USD
Get TokyoTreat

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