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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogBurgers in Japan, Tokyo Edition: Where Flavor and Quality Collide!

Burgers in Japan, Tokyo Edition: Where Flavor and Quality Collide!

Thuy FangThuy Fang
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May 31, 2023
A colorful (green, red, black buns) plate of burgers in Japan.

Burgers in Japan are delicious, fun, and very popular, especially in Tokyo! Even though the American burger is a culinary import, plenty of restaurants in this cosmopolitan city have their unique twist! Without further ado, here are five restaurant chains that give burgers in Japan an awesome name worldwide!

Freshness Burger

Freshness Burger was established in Tomigawa, Tokyo, by Mikio Kurihara in 1992. Instead, this burger chain used organic ingredients and maintained the quaint charm of a Tennessee hamburger stand.

The outside of Freshness Burger in Tokyo.
Freshness Burger originally opened in Tomigaya. Image via Shutterstock

Despite the original owners’ reluctance to embrace the “fast food chain” label, Freshness Burger’s organic growth, fueled by satisfied customers’ word of mouth, led to the opening of their first franchise location in 1995.

Continuously setting itself apart from the competition, Freshness Burger has developed unique menu offerings such as the Mango, Spam, and an array of limited or seasonal items like the Veggie Gyoza (dumpling) Burger. 

Customers can also enjoy vegetarian and organic options, satisfying diverse dietary preferences. The chain’s commitment to freshness is evident in its “burger cafés,” where every item is prepared to order. 

A person with black nitrile gloves and a black apron holding a burger.
Freshness Burger has some of the most artisanal burgers in Japan! Image via Shutterstock

The distinctive feature of their sandwiches is the slightly yellow pumpkin-based bun. Enhancing its broad selection of dishes, Freshness Burger offers a vast collection of beverages and sweets, which justifies the waiting time.

Hungry Heaven

One of the unique features of burgers in Japan Hungry Heaven is the black buns. The crust has a delicious buttery smell and is crispy on the outside, combined with softness on the inside.

The outside of Hungry Heaven in Itabashi, Tokyo. It sells delicious burgers in Japan.
Hungry Heaven lives up to the name! Image via Santatsu

The hamburger here has a fantastic taste that you can hardly find in any other burger shop. It’s the perfect taste of yakiniku (Japanese-style grilled meat). More specifically, this restaurant also has a unique blend of flavors between yakiniku, smoked bacon, and grilled bun. Besides the iconic meat hamburgers, Hungry Heaven’s fish burgers, avocado burgers, and curry burgers are also worth a try.

You can easily visit two Hungry Heaven restaurants in Tokyo: Meguro and Itabashi. The interiors and decoration in these burger joints are Texas-style. Moreover, you can even dine for a whole day at Hungry Heaven since it serves hamburgers during the day and turns into a super famous yakiniku restaurant called “Gyubig” at night.

A watercress and mozzarella burger from Hungry Heaven in Tokyo.
Hungry Heaven has some of the most creative burgers in the city! Image via Icchi Blog

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Burger Mania

This is another traditional American-style hamburger restaurant. The restaurants in the Burger Mania chain are highly appreciated for their urban vibes, good services, and enthusiastic staff.

The extensive menu here will provide many choices and satisfy everyone’s taste if you dine with your extended family or a large group. The main dishes are diverse, such as hamburgers, sandwiches, steaks, or grills. 

The outside of Burger Mania in Tokyo. They sell burgers in Japan.
Burger Mania is in Shirokane, Hiroo and Ebisu. Image via Japan Gourmet Pass

Their Mexican burger and 100% Kobe Beef burger are two meaty burgers that are very popular at Burger Mania. In addition, this brand is also famous for its variety of veggie burgers with vegetable or fruit fillings, such as Cherry burgers, Mango burgers, Rosemary Lemon burgers, and Grilled Vegetable burgers.

Henry’s Burger

The burgers here contain the passion of the founder – Kentaro Nakahara, known as Henry for the years he lived in California. He brought this foreign name to his own burger chain in Japan, hoping to combine the flavors of American burgers and Japanese A5 wagyu beef to create one-of-a-kind Japan’s burgers. 

The outside of Henry's Burger restaurant in Tokyo.
Henry’s Burger is in Daikanyama. Image via Get Navi

Nowadays, many culinary awards honor the burgers from Henry’s Burger, and domestic and international food critics always appreciate their excellence. Henry’s Mania also serves esteemed customers excellent craft beer to enhance people’s appetize while they enjoy its high-end hamburgers.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a famous and unique burger chain with the bustling breath of New York City. The first Shake Shack store in Japan opened in 2015 in Tokyo, with 12 stores nationwide. 

The outside of a Shake Shack in Tokyo. Its burgers in Japan are very popular.
Shake Shack originally came from the US, but it’s a smash hit in Japan! Image via Shutterstock

The menus of Shake Shack stores are diverse in terms of burgers, drinks, and desserts. There are many exclusive burger flavors like green chili cheddar burgers, avocado bacon chicken burgers, and Japanese Yuzu Kosho chicken burgers (Japanese aromatic citrus-tasted chicken). Furthermore, they also serve American-style hot dogs in addition to burgers. 

Besides, the beverages here vary from soft drinks, milkshakes to alcoholic drinks like Brooklyn Brewery beer. Shake Shack’s menu includes seasonal dishes like black sesame shakes, seasonal lemon peach blend, and Yuzu Miso caramel ice cream.

Even more remarkable is that the high cost of Shake Shack certainly sets it apart from typical fast food. For their signature Shake Stack burger, you can expect to pay a premium ranging from 1200 yen to 1400 yen.

A plate of Shake Shack burgers, fries and a milkshake.
Shake Shack is in some of Tokyo’s more upscale neighborhoods. Image via Shutterstock

With their distinctive menus, cozy atmospheres, and commitment to quality, these burger chains in Tokyo offer a tempting array of options for burger enthusiasts. Whether you’re craving organic delights, Japanese-inspired flavors, or classic American-style burgers, these chains will satisfy your taste buds. In the comments below, please let us know some of your favorite burger chains in Japan!

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