Japanese Candy Marshmallows Are So Cute!

07 March 2018 by Nic

Japanese candy is packed with tons of flavors and really stands out among other candies found throughout the world. Not only that, but they are often wildly creative and occasionally even inspired by popular movies or other entertainment! We love seeing how Japanese sweets change throughout the year, but one Japanese snack in particular keeps our attention: marshmallows. Japanese marshmallows often take on new shapes, colors, and flavors - like the sakura marshmallows that were included in our recent Japanese candy box! One marshmallow trend in Japan right now is animal shapes! Let's check out some of adorable styles below!

This first kawaii marshmallow is an adorable rabbit shape! These have a rich chocolate filling that make perfectly good snacks on their own, and they also go well with hot drinks! It is really nice to see the wide variety of styles and colors as this makes snacking on these a fun experience!

These next marshmallows are lovable cat astronaut designs! In Japanese, cats make a nyan nyan sound. As a play on words, these marshmallows are called the NYASA Cats! These Japanese snacks are a new snack on the market and are incredibly popular.

This cat marshmallow is very well-known in Japan, but not for just it's cat form! How this marshmallow slowly melts and spreads throughout Japanese drinks is what charms people. It helps make one's drink looks more inviting and delicious!

Finally, we have these incredibly lovable and almost difficult-to-eat Japanese marshmallows! These are popular gifts in Japan because the cute designs and variety of animals bring an instant smile to the receiver's face. I mean, who wouldn't fall in love with these?!

I hope you can see how charming Japanese sweets can be! We look forward to the day when we can add some of these lovelies into your Japanese candy box! Let us know in the comments below which of these marshmallows you think look best!

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