Can I Get TokyoTreat Snacks Cheaper?

20 August 2021 by Oliver

So you’re thinking of trying out TokyoTreat for some unmissable Japanese snacks? Good choice! Every month TokyoTreat offers an awesome selection of 17 of the coolest Japanese snacks, candy and soda in limited edition and seasonal flavors!

But it’s natural to wonder ‘is it possible to pick up TokyoTreat snacks for less? We must always think about how we can get the most value out of your experience. So we’re here to answer this important question.

And the short answer is: yes and no (sorry for the non-answer). But let’s break it down further:

Can I get TokyoTreat snacks cheaper in other subscription snack boxes?

This one we can say with confidence, TokyoTreat is the only box you need to taste the coolest and newest seasonal and limited edition Japanese candy and snacks. TokyoTreat provides 17 full sized Japanese snacks, including 500ml Japanese sodas and limited edition Japanese KitKat party packs with unique Japanese flavors.

And with most Japanese snack boxes priced around the $50 price point including shipping, it’s important to see the contents of the box to make sure you’re getting the best value. If you value full sized Japanese soft drinks (500ml) and full Japanese KitKat party packs, TokyoTreat would be the best value for money.

Want to snack on Japan-exclusive Kit Kats and other Japanese candy & snacks ASAP? TokyoTreat delivers delicious Japanese snacks for you to enjoy at home!

How about if I buy the snacks in TokyoTreat individually?

Here is where the answer becomes a little more tricky. If you are looking to buy specific TokyoTreat snacks from the box it is very possible to buy them from sites such as Amazon. However, Japanese snacks from western sources often come with additional costs, such as import fees. You can check out our deep dive into TokyoTreat vs Amazon here!

Now let’s add another layer - TokyoTreat’s sister site JapanHaul. At the start of every month, the TokyoTreat team adds all of the previous month’s snacks onto JapanHaul to allow people to enjoy their favorite snack over and over again. Now you have a chance to enjoy that Pocky or Melon Soda again that you enjoyed so much the first time.

Now if you buy all of the snacks from this page, it might be a similar price or slightly more expensive. However, JapanHaul does have seasonal sales - meaning it is possible to get your TokyoTreat Japanese Drink or KitKat party pack slightly cheaper.

Unfortunately, it can’t be guaranteed that there will be available stock in any sale, making this method more time consuming and less reliable.

Always Timely!

One major advantage of TokyoTreat is scoring the newest Japanese snacks first! Since we work directly with the big Japanese makers, it means that we have first access to many Japanese snacks, such as Japanese KitKats and new soda, that we then pass on to you.

Often when a new release first drops, getting your hands on it can be both difficult and costly, but over time the price goes down. However, TokyoTreat helps you cut corners and take home new Japanese snacks without spending too much or waiting for the price to drop. 

In Conclusion

To answer the original question ‘Can I get TokyoTreat snacks cheaper?’, the short answer is technically yes. JapanHaul can offer a great alternative and if you’re only looking for a single snack (so less of a varied or curated experience, and more personalized to your exact tastes and preferences), you can take home TokyoTreat snacks for cheaper.

But when looking at it from the perspective of snack variety and volume (especially when thinking about the freshest and coolest snacks), TokyoTreat can’t be beat. Additionally, thanks to the speed at which TokyoTreat adds snacks to its lineup, that in itself adds an additional benefit for the cost.

Why not see for yourself! Check out this month’s selection of awesome Japanese treats from TokyoTreat!

Let us know in the comments what your favorite kinds of Japanese sweets & treats are! What are you most looking forward to in your TokyoTreat Japanese snack box?

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