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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogGudetama 5 Year Anniversary Space Cafe

Gudetama 5 Year Anniversary Space Cafe

Marie MooreMarie Moore
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September 14, 2018
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June 21, 2022

Recently we visited the Pokemon Cafe to gorge ourselves on their delicious summer limited menu and the Vampire Cafe to chow down on some ghoolish treats, but this time around we're visiting the limited edition Gudetama 5 Year Anniversary Cafe in Ikebukuro to eat some delicious Japanese snacks! However the cafe wasn't only Gudetama themed but SPACE GUDETAMA THEMED!!!! That means Gudetama Space theme Japanese candy and snacks!

The whole place was decked out in awesome Gudetama Space themed decor and the attention to detail was pretty sweet, even down to the curtains covering the kitchen entrance, an impressive feat! You could totally get lost in the Space haha, get it? SPACE!

Most of the items on the menu were savory surprisingly! With 3 savory dishes vs 2 sweet. On the far right is Gudetama space curry featuring Gudetama's butt, then in the middle a strange looking purple udon noodle soup with a UFO Gudetama. You could also get Soda in a giant Gudetama light bulb which you subsequently got to take home with you, but sadly we didn't order one.

First we ordered this colour changing Gudetama butterfly tea with Gudetama's face made out of candy floss. We poured the tea into the cup disintegrating Gudetama's flossy face, and the tea changed from bright blue to purple once it hit the candy floss and flavoured ice in the cup! It was nice, lemony and refreshing!


Then the food! We ate this Gude-arian Pasta, which consisted of black squid ink pasta, tomato sauce, an octopus friend on the side, Gudetama made out of mashed potato and a salad. Safe to say it was DELICIOUS!!! The tomato sauce was super tasty and well, tomato-y! Not much of a seafood fan either but the octopus friend was also very tasty!

Next up was this Anti-Gravity Gudetama French Toast Hamburger. This consisted of a brioche french toast, ice cream, custard, whipped cream, jell-o and strawberries. A nice sweet treat!

Finally was this Gudetama Black Hole Parfait! It came with an awesome cosmic donut on top, which was YUMMY! Then the actual parfait had whipped cream, red berries, ice cream and chocolate cake. The red berries were slightly tart and helped balance out the sweetness of the rest of the desert.

Overall all the food at this Cafe was delicious and the decor was amazing too! They've really set the standard for theme cafes here in Japan! We wish we could go back but sadly it was a limited time event cafe… Oh well, on to the next theme cafe we go!

What did you think of the Gudetama Cafe? Was the food cute? Are you a Gudetama fan yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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