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Japanese Chocolates: The Best 5 Truffle Flavors!

Karina IkedoKarina Ikedo
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April 26, 2023
Balls of Japanese chocolate truffles.

Japanese chocolates are treasured worldwide! They’re less sweet than other types of chocolate, and it usually has unusual ingredients like green tea and yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit)!

Chocolate truffles have become a little fancier thanks to the Japanese twist. Basically, it’s perfect for more intense chocolate with exciting flavors. Keep reading as we introduce you to Japanese truffles and the best flavors you must try at least once!

What are Japanese chocolate truffles?

True to the brand’s Japanese origins, chocolate truffles are simple and minimalist. They utilize premium ingredients to bolster the chocolate’s flavor. Because of these high-quality ingredients, they are the most famous Japanese desserts.

An assortment of Japanese treats.
They come in many flavors! Image via Shutterstock

You’ve probably heard of nama chocolate if you’ve traveled to Japan. Nama (pure and fresh) uses fresh cream and chocolate, which is where the name comes from.

They are decadent chocolate truffles cut into little squares of solid chocolate ganache and dusted with cocoa powder. These velvety treats are vibrant and creamy and melt in your mouth like bites of heaven. 

Origin of Chocolate Truffles in Japan

Generally speaking, many theories exist about who invented chocolate truffles in Japan. One famous story says that a pastry chef and chocolatier named Masakazu Kobayashi came up with them at his pastry shop, Sils Maria, in Shonan, Kanagawa. After that, major confectionery companies started selling nama chocolate, a huge trend all over Japan.

A 4x4 set of nama chocolate.
Nama chocolate is very soft and sues ganache. Image via Shutterstock

Even though nama chocolate was invented in Japan in 1980, this kind of chocolate debuted in Switzerland in the 1930s. This truffle treat is called Pave de Geneva, and it uses chocolate and fresh cream that are cut into small cubes and then dusted with cocoa powder.

However, there’s no evidence that the Japanese chef had ever traveled to Geneva or knew about Pave de Geneva. So it’s still a mystery whether he came up with the nama chocolate recipe all on his own.

The Most Popular Japanese Chocolate Truffles 

Meiji’s Melty Kiss and Royce are famous Japanese chocolate brands making nama truffles. You can’t avoid seeing them, especially at airport gift shops. They come in excellent packaging, making them a popular souvenir to bring back from Japan.

A box of MeltyKiss matcha chocolate.
MeltyKiss originally came out in 1992. Image via Shutterstock

Royce is a brand of semi-high-end Japanese chocolate. Their shops are in many malls all over Asia, but nowhere else is Royce more prevalent than Japan.

Nothing else sparks more joy in their range of products than their nama chocolate truffles! Royce’s truffles have a delicious, velvety richness that melts in your mouth and coats your tongue, making them super rich and satisfying!

Moreover, these delicious chocolate bars are made in Hokkaido’s colder climate. Locals travel long distances to get their hands on these Japanese chocolates. In addition, this region is famous among food lovers who enjoy full-flavored cheese, creamy milk, and rich buttery cream!

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Best Unusual Flavored Chocolate Truffles

We’ve got you covered if you want some unique chocolate truffle flavors! Our selection includes just as unique as some Japanese Kit Kat flavors.


This decadent chocolate truffle has a flavor of deep cacao and kinako (roasted soybean flour). Generally, there’s smooth and fragrant soybean-flavored chocolate in the bitter chocolate, and they melt together, leaving a savory and sweet flavor.

A plate of light brown kinako name chocolate.
Kinako is another classic flavor for Japanese sweets! Image via Kumamoto Guide

The kinako gives it a warm and nutty flavor, tasting like roasted peanuts. This chocolate truffle is fancier with a Japanese spin of the classic chocolate and peanut butter mix!

Miso Caramel

If you love salted caramel, this miso chocolate truffle might be the next best thing! Think salted caramel with a twist. The miso gives a great salted flavor to the caramel, giving each bite a savory undertone.

Miso caramel and chocolate truffles.
Miso caramel gives the chocolate a smooth, salty twist! Image via Makes Bakes and Decor

This chocolate truffle has white miso made from soybeans and rice. It is less salty than the type typically used when making soup, being almost sweet. It has a beautiful velvety texture, and the little crunch of salt on the top gives it the perfect finishing touch!


Get ready to taste citrus heaven with these chocolate truffles! They have a soft and creamy texture surrounding a delicious yuzu-flavored center. Yuzu is a fruit from the mountains of Southeast Japan and has a tangy, citrusy taste that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

Yuzu Japanese chocolate truffles on a plate.
Yuzu gives Japanese truffles a zesty twist1 Image via PR Times

Its naturally sweet, tangy flavor with a hint of bitterness combines excellently with other ingredients, bringing out its flavors. A great citrus flavor, and the white chocolate gives it just the right balance of sweetness.


A plate of sakura Japanese chocolates. They are pink and white.
Sakura-flavored truffles are very delicate. Image via Time Out Tokyo

Spring calls for this strawberry-flavored white chocolate truffle blended with cream cheese, sakura (cherry blossom), and strawberry liqueur. The soft scent of cherry blossoms and the sweet and sour taste of strawberries blend gently with the richness of cream cheese. The sweet and fruity flavor is a match made in heaven with smooth and creamy chocolate!


This flavor is a must-try for all who love matcha and Japanese chocolates! Matcha nama chocolate tastes delicious, with a slightly fudgy texture that turns silky smooth and melts in your mouth! It’s an earthy and sweet dessert made with white chocolate, fresh cream, green tea, and a hint of cherry liqueur. 

Royce matcha Japanese chocolates.
Regarding Japanese chocolate, matcha green tea powder is a classic flavor! Image via Shutterstock

Each chocolate truffle cube has a generous amount of matcha powder and a creamy white chocolate filling. The smooth chocolate melts right away on your tongue. 

Imagine a small piece of rich, velvety, smooth, creamy chocolate that melts in your mouth. Doesn’t that sound divine? These soft Japanese chocolates are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth!

Made with soft and fudgy dark chocolate cut into cubes and dusted in bittersweet cocoa powder. They are trendy in Japan and have many different flavors to choose from. 

Have you tried Japanese chocolates before? How about nama chocolate truffles? Do you have a favorite flavor? Let us know in the comments below!

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