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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogJapanese Fruit Gummies: A Tasty Treat to Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

Japanese Fruit Gummies: A Tasty Treat to Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

Linh LeLinh Le
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January 22, 2022

Gummy candy is a kind of soft candy combining gelatin, sweeteners, and natural or artificial flavors. They are easy to mold into many different shapes, making them one of the most versatile confections ever.

Speaking of gummies, no one can deny the attractiveness of Japanese fruit gummies, thanks to their diverse flavors and unique textures. Let’s learn about some of Japan’s classic fruit-flavored gummy candies out there in the market!

What are Japanese gummies?

While gummies are usually made from gelatin, Japanese gummies also use agar jelly. The first “gummy” candy in Japan was Botan Rice Candy (bontan ame ボンタンアメ) and it debuted almost 100 years ago in 1924.

The word bontan comes from buntan which is the Japanese work for pomelo. Pomelo is a citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia that has a similar taste to grapefruit. Candy makers commonly use it as a flavor, so they named the candy after it.

Of course, it’s not the name that makes Botan Rice Candy the precursor to gummy candy, but the texture! Underneath its outer rice paper layer is a soft and chewy zesty candy! This historical candy still exists today, but it’s transfomed into an entire new type of candy!

Why are Japanese gummies so good?

Japanese gummies aren’t just good, they’re great! While most gummies in the West offer typical flavors that are fruit-based, Japanese gummies use all kinds of flavors! Some flavors are elegant, like muscat grape and melon. Other flavors feature drinks such as cola and ramune!

Generally speaking, there are three main groups you can sort gummies by: fruity, “strip” and healthy. Let’s take a closer look at these three different types!

What are the different types of Japanese gummy candy?

A picture of Hi-Chew candy.
Hi-Chew isn’t gummy, but it’s very popular! Image via Shutterstock

Fruit Gummies

As mentioned above, Japan knows how to experiment when it comes to fruity gummies! What makes this even better is that they actually use real fruit juice in their candy! While that may seem par for the course, keep in mind that some Japanese gummies use some pretty expensive ingredients!

For example, you’ve probably heard of those melons that can sell for anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars? Well, some of those melons are used to flavor gummies! One of them is called Kaneka Gummy and they have a gummy made from the Atsumi Peninsula in Aichi Prefectures!

Strip Gummies

“Strip” gummies are flat, thin gummy candies. The most famous of these is Fettucine Gummy, named after the the pasta of the same name. While they have typical flavors such as grape, lychee and cola, they also have flavors like white soda and luxurious lemon! Strip gummies are usually covered in a light powder which carries all the flavor!

Another famous strip gummy is Sakeru Gummy–“sakeru” means “to split apart”, so you can imagine how long these gummies can get! Not to mention the iconic advertisement campaign featuring beloved character “Long Long Man”!

Healthy Gummies

Apart from commonly known gummies, there are some Japanese gummies that you can enjoy as a treat for your sweet tooth as well as a nutritional supplement to your health.

For example, Meiji Kajyu Gummy and Kanro’s Pure Gummy from Kanro usually have collagen and vitamin C added, which undoubtedly do wonders for your skin. Pure gummy even has a special Inner Support Series of fruit gummies that are enriched with collagen, the important vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid. 

A packet of Pure Gummy, a popular Japanese fruit gummies brand, with heart and the words mixed berry written on the front.
Right above the flavor on this Pure Gummy packet, it says that it contains both collagen and Vitamin C in Japanese. Image via Shutterstock

Another brand is Chibi Sours, which also has a fruity yogurt flavored gummy lineup packed with Lactic Acid bacteria made for people with concerns about digestion.

Best Gummy Candy in Japan

Kasugai Frutia Gummy

If you’re a fruit-lover, this Kasugai Fruitia Gummy collection is definitely a must-try. These cute round fruity gummies, made with real fruit juice with a soft texture, will make you feel as if you are having a bite of real fruit.

A package of Kasugai gummy 100, a popular Japanese fruit gummy brand, with strawberries and an animated strawberry on the cover.
Kasugai started in the 1990s but went through a redesign recently. This is one of the designs from before the change. Image via Shutterstock

Peach flavor is the top-selling among the series that will never fail to disappoint your sweet tooth. For those who prefer a balance of sweet and sour taste, the second and third top-selling Lychee and Grape, or Muscat (white grape) flavors are highly recommended. 

Other Kasugai gummy candy flavors, including Yuzu flavor (a Japanese citrus), Kiwi, Mango, Watermelon, and Strawberry, are also worth a try. If it’s too hard to pick one, go for the fruit mix gummy bag: one is a mix of the three longest selling flavors and one for the top three most popular tropical fruits.

Tsubu Gummy

This is another delicious Japanese gummy candy from Kasugai that you can enjoy in five different fruit flavors: apple, orange, grape, peach and muscat in just one bag. There are also a berry mix, apple mix, and more assortment of tasty fruit flavors for you to choose from.

A packet of Tsubu Gummies which look like little jelly beans.
Tsubu Gumi looks like jelly beans! Image via Instagramer News

Coated with sugar, Tsubu gummy comes in a small grain shape just like a bean. It is easy to chew, sweet, and colorful, making it attractive to children as well as adults.

Kanro Pure Gumi (gummy)

Japanese people love sweet and sour gummies, and that’s why Pure Gummy from Kanro has always been on the top of most favorite gummies’ list in Japan.

Made with purely fruit puree and coated with sour powder, Pure Gummy is popular for its distinctive chewy texture and satisfying feeling of taste. It might first come off as extremely sour with the first bite, but quickly turns into a sweet flavor in your mouth as soon as you swallow it. So people say that it makes you Kyun (キュン), which means to be choked-up with a refreshing feeling to lighten up your day.

These iconic heart-shaped gummies are great treats for yourself, as well as being lovely gifts for friends. Its standard series has three basic flavors: lemon, grape, and muscat, while the premium lineup offers some unique ones such as Mikan (tangerine), Aomori Apple, and Tochiotome Strawberry flavor. There are also some seasonal and limited edition flavors such as Melon, Peach & Plum, and more.

Even better, if you’re super lucky, you may find a star-shaped Pure gummy which is very rare!

Meiji Kajyu Gummy

This has to be one of the oldest yet best gummies from Japan that set the standard for Japanese fruit gummies nowadays. It makes sense as the maker, Meiji, is one of the oldest and most famous Japanese chocolate brands as well. 

A hand holding a packet of Meiji Kajyu gummies, a popular Japanese fruit gummies brand, in the flavor of Japanese tangerines.
Meiji Kajyu Gummies have been around since the 1980s and have been a popular item since its creation. Image via Shutterstock

Some people even joke that if fruits in Japan are so expensive to eat daily, why don’t you reach for a Meiji Kajyu gummy instead? As the name “Kajyu” (fruit juice) suggests, it features  100% real fruit juice of typical fruits, such as tangerine, grape, kiwi, muscat, and more. This means that you’ll feel a burst of savory fruit flavors in your mouth as if you were eating the real fruit.

You should also be on the lookout for limited edition fruit flavors like Shikuwasa Citrus or Mango as well.

What will make you fall deeper in love with this gummy from Meiji is its texture: just the right combination of hardness and elasticity. It is also free of artificial coloring, making Meiji Kajyu gummies one of the best Japanese candy products for both small children and adults.

Feeling lost in the Japanese fruit gummies world? Let TokyoTreat pick one for you! TokyoTreat delivers the most popular Japanese sweets and snacks monthly to your door, including the juiciest fruit gummies from Japan, perfect for a delightful breaktime treat.

Tough Gummy

Tough Gummy is just like it says on the bag–they’re tough to chew. The packaging is dark with gold letters, and the original version only features three flaovrs: cola, energy drink and soda. With gummies that tough, you can rest assure you’re getting a hefty serving of protein with candy!

Someone holding a pack of Tough Gummy. It's a black, minimalist packagaing with gold letters.
Tough Gummy are not for the faint of hart! Image via Mainichi

However, Tough Gummy has expanded its lineup since its original debut! They now have newer flavors such as melon, lemon and cool peach! If you’re looking for a workout while you chew, you can defnitely give these try!

Where can I buy Japanese gummy candy online?

You can find delicious Japanese gummy candy over at Japan Haul! Not only do they have the gummies you’re looking for, they also have a lot of brand tie -ins as well! Right now, you can get Pokemon and Mario-themed gummies!

JapanHaul also has jellies, ramune and all other types of treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, along with other merchanidise straight from Japan!

Final Thoughts

Japanese fruit gummies are gems in Japan’s glamorous confectionery world. Being easy to eat and pleasing to look at with various lovely shapes, both children and adults alike adore these fruit gummies. Plus, usually coming in a resealable package, gummies can be kept for a long time to enjoy at many different occasions. Enjoy them in between breaks while working or studying, at a picnic, or at a hangout with friends and family.

It can be used as a lovely gift to cheer a friend up.

Have you ever tried Japanese fruit gummies? Share with us what your most beloved Japanese fruit gummies are in the comment section!

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