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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogThe Best KitKat Flavors in Japan: Our Top 10!

The Best KitKat Flavors in Japan: Our Top 10!

Anna AyvazyanAnna Ayvazyan
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December 29, 2022
Unwrapped chocolate KitKats next to a package of KitKats

Japan’s unique and exciting KitKat flavors are one of the of the many reasons to visit Japan. Some even say it’s one of the top countries to visit if you love chocolate, especially KitKat chocolate! In Japan, there are over 300 flavors of KitKat, with new limited-edition flavors coming out yearly!

Some flavors are specifically for people who don’t like sweet chocolate, so there is a flavor for everyone! With this in mind, let’s look closely at the top 10 flavors that we’re loving right now!

Kit Kat Flavors

KitKat knows how to be creative with different flavors across Japan, such as strawberry, pudding, roasted tea, sake, and more! There are also flavors made for a good cause, such as sea salt, and tastes only for the sophisticated!

1. Amaou Strawberry

A package of Amaou strawberry, one of many KitKat flavors.
Strawberries are a delicious flavor to have! Image via Pinterest

The Amaou Strawberry flavor comes from Fukuoka, famous for strawberries in Japan. It’s the usual crunchy wafer but covered in strawberry and white chocolate! This KitKat tastes sweet and sour, so if you love fruity KitKat flavors, this one is worth a try!

2. Kobe Pudding

The Kobe Pudding flavor comes from Hyogo Prefecture. While Kobe is famous for its beef, it is also known for its sweets, especially pudding! The wafer feature a creamy caramel white chocolate coating. The flavor is said to be a mix between a creme brulee and a caramel pudding with a subtle citrus twist. If you love pudding, this flavor is undoubtedly for you!

3. Yuzu Sake

The Yuzu Sake flavor comes from Kochi Prefecture, famous for exporting the floral Japanese citrus fruit, yuzu. Nestle Japan teamed up with Kochi-based brewery Bijofu to create this new citrus-based KitKat flavor. The yuzu-flavored sake especially flavors the white chocolate coating! It has a robust citrusy flavor with a subtle sake twist, and the chocolate contains 0.2% alcohol.

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4. Uji Roasted Green Tea

The Uji Roasted Green Tea or hojicha flavor comes from Kyoto Prefecture. Kyoto is well known for its variety of tea flavors; Uji City is Japan’s largest exporter of tea. It’s, without a doubt, one of the most popular regions for green tea!

A small package of Uji Hojicha KitKats.
Hojicha has a very nutty and earthy flavor. Image via Gigazone

KitKat Japan made this flavor with Itohkyuemon, a famous green tea shop in Uji.  Uji roasted tea is a bit different from your traditional green tea; it has more of a deeper flavor. The roasted green tea significantly flavors the white chocolate, and the taste mixes sweet and smoky flavors. 

5. Wasabi

The Wasabi flavor comes from Shizuoka Prefecture, which is famous for wasabi. KitKat made this flavor with Tamaruya Honten, a significantly loved wasabi store in Shizuoka that has been in business for over 140 years.

A package of wasabi KitKats.
Wasabi KitKats are sweet and spicy! Image via Open Food Facts

It consists of wasabi-flavored white chocolate giving it a mix of sweetness and a subtle spicy punch. The spiciness does not overtake the chocolate’s sweetness so you can enjoy it as a unique chocolate bar.

6. Tokyo Banana

A bright yellow package of the KitKat Tokyo Banana flavors.
Tokyo Banana is a prominent confectioner! Image via TokyoTreat

As the name suggests, this flavor comes from Tokyo Metropolis. Tokyo Banana is a very popular souvenir from Tokyo, so it makes sense why KitKat decided to collaborate with them! Its delicate banana flavor coats KitKat chocolate, making it a memorable snack and gift!

7. Strawberry Cheesecake

A mountain-shaped package of strawberry cheesecake KitKats. It's blue, white and pink.
These are one of the many KitKat flavors you can find at the airport! Image via Pinterest

The Strawberry Cheesecake flavor comes from Yamanashi Prefecture. Yamanashi prefecture is famous for Mt Fuji, so the Strawberry Cheesecake’s flavor packaging is made to resemble Mt Fuji. The taste resembles a creamy cheesecake mixed with strawberry and white chocolate; it is an excellent snack!

8. Coffee Break

The Coffee Break flavor is not part of the regional flavors, but it is still fun to try! For this flavor, Nestle Japan mixed their Nescafe Gold blend with the chocolate giving it a distinct coffee taste that will go perfectly with coffee! 

9. Ocean Salt 

The Ocean Salt flavor was part of KitKat’s Save the Blue Ocean campaign in collaboration with the non-profit organization Uminari. Overall, the campaign aims to create awareness about marine plastics.

A bright blue and pink package of KitKat Ocean Salt flavor
The sweetness and saltiness of these KitKats make for a delightful treat! Image via TokyoTreat

That is to say, chocolate bars contain natural sea salt from the Setouchi region in Japan. The sea salt is mixed with white chocolate, giving the chocolate a sweet and salty taste. This chocolate is undoubtedly for you if you like salty flavor and contributing to a great cause!

10. Dark Chocolate (from the Otona no Amasa line)

KitKat also has a flavor series, “Otona no Amasa,” which translates to “adult sweetness.”. Even though “otona” is the word for “adult,” it also means “sophisticated” or “mature.” So, if you want to experience sophisticated and refined flavors, this series is for you!

One of the most famous mature KitKat flavors is the dark chocolate flavor. This is because they understood that as people get older, they like less-sweet chocolate. The Otona no Amasa series also features green tea, strawberries, and chocolate wafers with a white chocolate coating!

With all these various flavors, KitKat revolutionized the concept of having a break! Each flavor will surprise you because these are rare in the West! Which KitKat flavors are your favorite, or which ones do you want to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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