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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogMcDonald’s Japan Holiday Menus: Popular Ones to Check Out!

McDonald’s Japan Holiday Menus: Popular Ones to Check Out!

Thuy FangThuy Fang
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April 25, 2024
The outside of McDonald's Japan.

McDonald’s Japan is genuinely famous for its unique and innovative holiday menus. This fast food chain serves creative and festive meals for different celebrations and shows how it can adapt to cultural events with its Japanese menus. To explore this exciting phenomenon more, let’s discover the five most popular holiday menus together!


Every year, McDonald’s joins the Tsukimi celebration, where people in Japan gather to watch the full moon in September. During this occasion, McDonald’s Japan Holiday Menu is highly favored for its iconic and delicious offerings.

In the Tsukimi 2023, this brand returned the beloved Tsukimi Burger and Tsukimi Cheese. These tasty treats feature the same yummy tomato cream sauce, adding a creamy kick to your burger experience. 

A Tsukimi Egg Buregr from McDonald's Japan.
Eggs resemble the moon, so they’re perfect for Tsukimi burgers! Image via Tiny Tot in Tokyo

Additionally, you’ll also wanna take a big bite of the new Shichimi Kaoru Gyusuki Tsukimi Burger! It’s packed with goodness: juicy beef, steamed egg, crispy bacon, cheese, and a yummy layer of sukiyaki-style beef with a spicy kick. It’s like a flavor explosion in your mouth! And for a zesty twist, just dip your chicken McNuggets into the festive Yuzu Kosho Mayo Sauce.

About drinks, McDonald’s brought out the Tsukimi Nagano Shine Muscat McShake, showcasing the sweet and refreshing taste of Shine Muscat grapes from Nagano. For desserts, they also introduced Tsukimi Pie, a crispy pastry filled with red bean paste and soft mochi. Whether you’re a pie lover or a mochi fan, this dessert will surely be a hit!


Springtime in Japan is a time of blossoming cherry trees and delightful sakura-themed treats. And McDonald’s is right in the mix with its sakura menu! One of their stars is the Teritama Burger, a mouthwatering combination of teriyaki sauce and egg. 

On the side menu, Shaka Shaka Potato Chips in plum flavor also surprise diners! Simply pour the plum-flavored seasoning into the bag, shake it, and enjoy the tangy, fruity goodness with every crunchy bite.

A sakura mochi red bean pie from McDonald's Japan.
This chewy pie dessert tastes like cherry blossoms! Image via Gigazine

You can also take advantage of McDonald’s Strawberry Yogurt Flavored Soda, a pink punk drink that perfectly captures the essence of springtime! For dessert, treat yourself to the matcha kuromitsu Warabi Mochi Pie.

It’s a one-of-a-kind delight with layers of soft mochi, matcha paste, and rich kuromitsu sauce, all wrapped in a crispy crust. There’s also the Sakura Macaron, with its delicate pink color and floral flavor, is a special treat inspired by Japan’s beautiful cherry blossoms.

But the sakura menu continues! McDonald’s McCafe branches offer a range of delightful beverages, including the Uji Matcha Frappe and the Adzuki Milk Frappe. These drinks are perfect for sipping under the cherry blossoms, with flavors that capture the essence of spring. And if you’re in the mood for something warm, don’t miss the Vanilla Uji Matcha Hot Latte, a comforting blend of matcha, vanilla syrup, and caramel sauce.

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Each year, from late December to early January, McDonald’s Japan unveils a special collection of drinks and desserts to celebrate the holiday season. Leading the pack is the delectable Orange Chocolate Frappe. It stands out with the rich taste of cocoa powder with a hint of zesty orange. Topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate shavings, this frappe is a heavenly flavor combination.

Christmas McFlurries (ice cream treats) from McDonald's Japan.
These McFlurries are perfect for the Christmas season! Image via Japan Today

Who can resist the charm of the White Chocolate Snow Frappe? Blending smooth white chocolate with ice, this frappe is topped with whipped cream and drizzled with sweet caramel sauce. It’s like sipping on a winter wonderland!

Furthermore, let’s remember the Green Apple Macaron! With its unique flavor of green apple cream and a touch of cinnamon, it’s a lovely sweet that pairs perfectly with the new drinks.


McDonald’s Japan enters the Halloween spirit by introducing creepy and creative items to its humble seasonal menu. One highlight was the Halloween Choco Potato, a creative spin on traditional fries covered in pumpkin and chocolate sauce.

This unusual dish first appeared in 2016, adding a special touch to the Halloween-themed menu. It was so awesome that the company recently brought back the Halloween menu. At first, the Halloween Choco Potato might seem odd, but it was a savory mix of sweet and salty tastes.

French fries drizzled in black and orange sauce.
They even had Halloween-themed burgers! Image via Japan Today

While some loved the unexpected flavor combination, others were unsure about trying new and uncommon treats. This sparked mixed reactions, which made the Halloween season so exciting!

In the past, their Halloween menu also featured three spooky delights. Ika Sumi Burger was loved for its black squid ink sauce. Camembert Chicken Burger became well-known since it resembled a ghost. The sweet was Pumpkin Oreo McFlurry, which blended pumpkin sauce with Oreo cookie pieces and a soft vanilla serve.

Valentine’s Day

A poster for strawberry milkshakes from McDonald's Japan.
Strawberries are the most popular fruit on Valentine’s Day! Image via Japan Kuru

McDonald’s Japan showers Valentine’s Day with sweetness, including three enjoyable frappe types on the McCafe menu. The Caramel Milk Tea Frappe will charm customers, especially those in love. There’s also Oreo Cookie Espresso Frappe will cheer you up as you savor the sweet crunch of cookies blended with a hint of exciting bitterness. The Butterscotch Hot Latte contains a lovely and smooth sweetness mingled with the rich creaminess of butter.

Why should I try McDonald’s Japan holiday menus?

From delicious Tsukimi burgers to pinky Sakura-inspired treats and cozy Christmas delights, McDonald’s Japan holiday menus offer a flavor for every season. With their distinctive flavors and seasonal vibes, all the foods on the menus bring a magical and festive atmosphere to your holiday in Japan. Have you tried any of these special menus? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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