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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogMcDonalds Menu in Japan: Best Five Items!

McDonalds Menu in Japan: Best Five Items!

James LauJames Lau
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October 30, 2023
A McDonalds in Kyoto Japan at night. They have the McDonald's menu in Japan.

The McDonalds menu in Japan exemplifies the brand’s cultural versatility. From introducing unique items like the Mega Muffin to cultural-inspired classics such as the Samurai Mac, McDonald’s in Japan is truly different! Are you ready for this food adventure? Here are some unique items on the McDonalds menu in Japan you should know about!

Mega Muffin: Why One McMuffin When You Can Have Mega?

Breakfast lovers, prepare for a morning masterpiece that takes the classic McMuffin to a new level. In Japan, McDonald’s has revamped the breakfast experience with the remarkable Mega Muffin, a satisfying delight with hard-poached eggs, thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon, TWO sausage patties, and cheddar cheese, all sandwiched between a soft and toasted McMuffin.

A Mega Muffin, which is a cheesy English muffin sandwich with two sausage patties, bacon and egg.
This Mega Muffin is packed with protein! Image via Wikimedia

The Mega Muffin provides a more substantial and satisfying option if you want more than one McMuffin. It’s the perfect solution for those who crave a heartier start to the day without feeling too full. The Mega Muffin gives you an alternative without the excessive bread!

Yoru Mac: A Midnight Feast!

A few years back, McDonald’s Japan introduced a special evening menu called the Yoru Mac, or Night Mac. After 5:00 pm, this menu allows you to double up on the patties of any standard burger for an extra 100 yen, but there’s more to it than just patties! The Yoru Mac menu also features discounts on Chicken McNuggets!

A double cheeseburger on a wooden cutting board.
The Yoru Mac menu allows you to double your order! Image via Shutterstock

The popular PoteNage (or “Potenage” since French fries are known as “Fried Potatoes” in Japan) combos feature a mix of French fries and Chicken McNuggets in one meal (drink sold separately).

Choose between the Large Set, which includes one large fries and 10-piece nuggets, or go all-in with the Special Large Set, offering two large fries and 15-piece nuggets for yen. Each combo is 30% cheaper than they would be at any other time!

That’s 600 yen for the Large and 950 for the Special!So, next time you’re in Japan, remember the Yoru Mac isn’t just about doubling up on patties – it’s also the time to enjoy these McNugget sets!

McFizz and McFloat Drinks: Bubbling Refreshment

When it comes to beverages, McDonald’s in Japan is known for its McFizz and McFloat series! These refreshing drinks provide a twist on classic sodas. Flavors range from the unusual, such as blood orange, to the more traditional cola and lemon-lime.

The McFizz drinks come with an added layer of fun. You can personalize your drink by adding flavored syrups, giving you control over the sweetness and flavor intensity. If you’re looking for extra, the McFloat combines your soft drink (or coffee!) with creamy soft-serve ice cream, contrasting textures and temperatures. It’s a bubbly, creamy, and thoroughly refreshing experience perfect for a hot day!

Two glasses of yuzu McFizz from the McDonalds menu in Japan.
A McFizz is a delicious soda float! Image via Entabe

But we can’t forget the seasonal menu! McDonald’s Japan had a variety of seasonal McFizz beverages for the summer! The McFizz Blue Hawaii, McFizz Blood Orange, and McFizz Lemon & Ginger, available from July 10, added refreshing flavors to the summer. The apple juice sourness of Blue Hawaii and the mix of blood orange and grapefruit in McFizz Blood Orange were a hit with customers! 

The McFloat versions provide a creamier flavor! During cherry blossom season, McDonald’s Japan offered McFizz and McFloat Sakuranbo beverages, using cherry flavors to give a fruitier twist perfect for springtime sipping.

Are you interested in enjoying snacks while going to McDonalds in Japan? Check out TokyoTreat! TokyoTreat delivers the best Japanese snacks, drinks, sweets, and noodles straight from Japan to your door so that you can have a fun summer party at home!

Shaka Shaka Chicken: Shake Up Your Taste Buds

Shaka Shaka Chicken is a hands-on dining experience that adds play to your meal. It involves a simple and enjoyable ritual: After ordering your fried chicken patty with hard, crispy skin, you receive a seasoning bag with various flavors. Choose between cheddar cheese or red pepper for a spicy kick!

A piece of Shaka Shaka Chicken.
You can choose your favorite flavored powder to go with your chicken! Image via Japan Insider

The fun begins when you pour the seasoning into the bag, add your chicken, and shake it well. You can add as much or as little seasoning as you want! The result is a chicken patty coated with your chosen flavor.

Samurai Mac: Which Side Will You Choose?

In 2020, the McDonalds menu in Japan unleashed a temporary duo of “Samurai Mac” burgers, each representing rival samurai factions in a culinary battle. The theme in these samurai-inspired delicacies was the rich roasted soy sauce-based sauce; these limited-time offerings also left a mark on the McDonald’s Japan menu.

On one side, there was the Wild Faction’s offering – a broiled soy sauce double-thick beef burger enriched with a soy sauce-style sauce that perfectly complemented the cheddar cheese. The combination of soy sauce and onions accentuated the burger’s delectable flavors, providing a delightful balance of meaty richness.

Two Samurai Mac burgers from teh McDonald's menu in Japan.
These Samurai Mac burgers taste amazing! Image via Reddit

On the other, the Selfish Faction countered with its creation – a broiled soy sauce bacon tomato thick beef burger. It featured a beef patty with bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes, all housed within sesame seed buns. This burger has two thick bacon slices and creamy white cheddar cheese. It combines various textures and flavors. The vegetables provide balance to the meats and greens.

For those worrying about missing out, never fear! In 2021, the Samurai Mac returned triumphantly to the regular menu! McDonald’s Japan’s Samurai Mac burgers are more than just a meal – they’re a culinary adventure that combines tradition and creativity to create an unforgettable meal.

Why should I try the McDonalds Menu in Japan?

McDonald’s in Japan has a diverse menu to suit various tastes. It offers the Mega Muffin for a hearty breakfast. You can satisfy late-night cravings with the Yoru Mac menu. Try unique drinks like McFizz and McFloat.

Then, customize your fried chicken with Shaka Shaka Chicken. You can also explore Japanese culture with the Samurai Mac. There’s always something new and tasty to try. Have you ever tried McDonald’s in Japan? Which menu item did you like? Let us know in the comments below!

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