TokyoTreat Tries Out Sakura Starbucks drinks & sweets 2019!

26 February 2019 by Jojo

Every year we're super excited to try all the Sakura snacks and of course the famous Starbucks Sakura Latte! As soon as the 2019 Sakurafull Frappucino and Sakurafull Milk Latte were announced we ran to the nearest Starbucks to try both of them! Of course we also had to try the tasty-looking sakura donut and the super cute sakura chiffon cake.

We got them!! How pretty are these drinks?! We couldn't wait to try them and find out if they are just as delicious as 2018's last year's Sakura frappucino which included mochi, bits of chocolate and a soft sakura strawberry sauce. We quickly took these drinks back to the office to enjoy them together with the delicious sweets that we brought back.

To freshen up your memory, this year's hot drink, the Sakurafull Frappucino represents the sakura petals in full bloom while they are on the water's surface. The base is made with sakura-strawberry sauce and the drink contains sakura jelly and strawberry jelly pieces that give an interesting taste and texture to it.

The cold drink, the Sakurafull Milk Latte represents the moment the petals from the cheery blossoms dance in the wind while falling from the trees. The topping is made of strawberry chocolate shavings , while the drink has a milk base mixed with strawberry and sakura, they both sound so amazing!!

We had to hold ourselves back to not immediately devour these sakura snacks and drinks! First we tried the Sakurafull Frappucino which tasted sweet and a little like strawberry yet with an interesting hint to it! Could that be the sakura flavor? We also noticed the jelly that was in the drink, in Japan jelly is quite popular not only as food but as a drink as well! Including jelly could be a hit or a miss for this drink, we agreed that it was a great combination. The drink was sweet but not overly sweet like the Crispy Sweet Potato Frappucino that we tried September last year!

Moving on we tried the hot Sakurafull Milk Latte which we were equally as excited about! The drink had a very soft and sweet flavor and tasted less like strawberry and more like hot creamy milk with a sweet sakura flavor. We really loved both these drinks and couldn't decide which one was our favorite!

Moving on to the sweets we gave the Sakura Chiffon Cake a try! The same chiffon cake has been released every year for a couple of years during sakura season but we've never actually had the chance to try it. The cake was moist, soft and light and the cream on top was a nice addition! The sakura flower itself however was not sweet at all: It was super salty!!

The donut tasted good but was nothing special compared to the other limited edition drinks and sweets, if someone had told us that it was a strawberry donut I would probably have believed it!

Overall this Starbucks Sakura taste-test was a huge success! The winners: both drinks and the chiffon cake! Unfortunately February 27th was the last day to try the Sakurafull Frappucino but the sweets and latte will be available until mid-March. We're looking forward to our next taste-tasting adventure!

Have you ever tried a sakura flavored drink or snack? What do you think of this unique flavor? Let us know in the comments below!

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