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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogThe Best Cherry Blossom Flower Snacks and Drinks!

The Best Cherry Blossom Flower Snacks and Drinks!

Anna AyvazyanAnna Ayvazyan
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March 24, 2023
Two people exchanging hanami dango which are cherry blossom flower snacks.

Cherry blossom flower snacks are usually very traditional, such as sakura mochi and hanami dango. However, many delicious sakura snacks have a modern twist!

Some of these snacks include Kit Kats and Pocky; there is something for everyone! In addition, many of these snacks have limited seasonal flavors or designs. In spring, there are a lot of snacks with sakura or cherry blossom flavors. Here are some of our select favorites!

Sakura Kit Kats

Japan boasts a wide variety of Kit Kat flavors compared to other countries. Kit Kat introduces a limited edition cherry blossom flower flavor in the spring! The flavor was first introduced in 1994 and has since been a favorite among residents and visitors. Since then, additional sakura options, such as sakura mochi and sakura Japanese sake flavors, have emerged.

A box of sakura mochi Kit Kat.
Kit Kats come in so many flavors! Image via Shutterstock

The Shizuoka cherry blossom flower is the main ingredient in these Kit Kats! These dried flowers are ground into a fine powder made from sugar and white chocolate with a distinct sakura flavor. They come in small adorable pink wrappers to match the spring/sakura theme.

The sakura mochi flavor’s inspiration is the traditional sakura mochi. The flavor debuted in 2020 and soon gained popularity. The red powder, in addition to the sakura powder, combines with sugar and white chocolate. The finished product tastes similar to cherry mochi, albeit a little crunchier!

A box of sakura sake Kit Kat. They have a cherry blossom flower flavor.
Cherry blossom sake Kit Kat has a very lovely taste. Image via Shutterstock

The sakura Japanese sake flavor infuses the chocolate bar with genuine alcohol. The alcohol concentration is merely 0.07%; while not overpowering, it still brings a distinct taste to the chocolate.

The sweetness of the sakura pairs well with the flavor of alcohol, making it an interesting delight to try! This chocolate bar is popular among hanami attendees (cherry blossom viewing).

Sakura Sake

Throughout the spring, it is common for people to conduct hanami (cherry blossom watching parties) in and surrounding parks. In the same fashion, several people drink alcohol at these hanami celebrations. sakura-infused rice wine or sake is a favorite drink among people!

A small wooden box of sakura sake.
Some people enjoy sakura sake in cups or wooden boxes. Image via Shutterstock

Sakura sake debuted in 2001 via a research institute in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Originally, producing sake from cherry blossoms was difficult since yeast was required. The research institute, on the other hand, was able to extract it from a specific cherry blossom bloom. Yamaguchi Cherry Yeast comes from the blossom and is used in many sakura sake products nowadays!

A cup of sakura sake with a cherry blossom flower on top.
Sakura sake is very popular during the hanami season. Image via Shutterstock

Sakura sake is often sweet and light in flavor, matching the spring ambiance of the parties. Several sake breweries have also begun to produce sakura wine and gin. Because the bottle decorations are pink with sakura patterns, alcohol is easy to find in stores. The bottles are one-of-a-kind and would make an excellent present or souvenir to take back to your native country!

Are you looking to enjoy some fun, delicious cherry blossom-flavored snacks this spring! Try TokyoTreat! TokyoTreat delivers limited-edition Japanese noodles, snacks, drinks, and sweets right to your door so you can taste Tokyo at home! 

Sakura Lindt 

Lindt is a well-known chocolate brand in Japan. It’s most famous for its seasonal flavors. Lindt Japan revealed a global first in 2022: a sakura Lindt ball. Previously, Lindt experimented with sakura-flavored macarons and drinks, which many Japanese consumers enjoyed. Sakura Lindt chocolate is exclusively available in Japan and only during the spring season.

A plate of sakura Lindt chocolate on a white plate. They're pink.
Lindt is very luxurious chocolate. Image via Time Out

The white chocolate sakura Lindt chocolate ball has a pink core. The pink center comprises strawberry and sakura powder, giving it a fruity floral flavor. It provides a delightful melt-in-your-mouth delicacy when combined with white chocolate. The ball’s wrapping is pink, like cherry blossom blooms. This chocolate ball is a nice treat to share with friends during the hanami season!

Sakura Pocky

Pocky is one of the most popular brand-name snacks in Japan. Like many other goodies we mentioned, it similarly comes in seasonal varieties. Two sakura Pocky tastes are typically available in the spring: sakura and sakura with matcha (green tea). These limited-edition tastes are delectable, especially if you enjoy matcha!

A box of sakura Pocky, which is one of the most famous cherry blossom flower snacks.
Sakura Pocky is fun to look at and eat! Image via Shutterstock

The flavor of sakura Pocky is described as having a faint strawberry milky flavor with a floral aftertaste. Additionally, the savory biscuit sticks have a white chocolate coating with sakura and strawberry tastes. The sticks are also lightly salted to enhance the sakura flavor. The sakura Pocky’s packaging is sleek and attractive, with sakura flowers on the box.

A plate of sakura green tea Pocky a type of cherry blossom flower flavored snacks.
Sakura Pocky features sakura sticks and green tea chocolate coating. Image via Shutterstock

The sakura and matcha Pocky combine two popular flavors. The biscuit sticks are dipped in sakura essence and wrapped in green tea chocolate, which balances sweetness and bitterness. Moreover, the green tea utilized in this product originates from Uji, which is well-known in Japan for its green tea.

Its packaging is adorable. It features green tea and sakura graphics and can be an excellent keepsake to give to friends and family back home!

There are so many sakura-flavored treats to sample; we only listed a few of our faves! Which ones do you want to try, and why? Please let us know in the comments!

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