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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogThe Wondrous World of Don Quijote Halloween

The Wondrous World of Don Quijote Halloween

Bianca BacheBianca Bache
Published TimeNovember 01, 2022

Spooky season is here witches and wizards! As the temperature drops and the date hits October 1st, we are struck with the sudden bombardment of questions:  “what are you dressing as for Halloween?”, “What is your Halloween costume?”, “Can you think of Halloween ideas?”. Over the next three weeks you are guaranteed to change your mind about your costume. 

Maybe you’ll be your favorite character, an undead something or other, or even a type of vegetable? But be wary, if you spend too much time trying to think of the right costume you will suddenly find yourself on the eve of Halloween still with no idea. Fear not friends, if you’re in Japan traveling there is a simple solution. The wondrous world of Don Quijote Halloween edition! 

The front of Shinjuku Don Quijote Halloween decorations
Don Quijote Shinjuku is one of the more popular stores to visit for Halloween costumes. Image via Shutterstock

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What is Don Quijote?

Don Quijote pronounced “Don key-hoh-tay”, also referred to as Donki or Don Don Donki, is a mystical chain store. It’s truly a magical retail maze that overflows with everything you could possibly need or want. Donki can be compared to Tokyo Disneyland, blaring noises from every corner, overstimulating flashing lights, and hordes of merch and items that you instantly want to buy!

When you walk into Donki, it’s hard to imagine what is truly held within their walls. Is it a souvenir store, is it a grocery store, or a costume store? The short answer is, yes.

But, in reality Donki is so much more than that! The multi storied building holds all things cosmetic and beauty related, gym paraphernalia, children’s toys, plushies, household furniture, electronic appliances, and even top shelf alcohol!

If you’re heading to Donki for something specific make sure you enter with an action plan. Otherwise, you can expect to come out of Donki with bags of things that you didn’t know you needed!

A wall of costumes for the Don Quijote Halloween collection
Don Quijote has a variety of costumes to choose from. Image via Donkiglobal

What you can find for Halloween

If you want to celebrate Halloween in Japan but don’t want to spend your vacation money on an elaborate costume. Or you want to be better than wearing a white and red striped shirt and calling yourself Walldo. Instead make your way down to one of the 160 stores in Japan Donki! The store is open 24 hours, so no need to worry about closing time and missing the Halloween parties

Don Quijote Halloween wig selection for the anime spy x family
Don Quijote’s take on the anime SPY x FAMILY. Image via TokyoTreat

Costumes at Don Quijote

To join the Halloween horror nights, or the kawaii cute nights, Donki has it all and everything in between! There is an abundance of character costumes, however due to licensing restrictions the costumes are often labeled slightly different. For example, for the current hottest anime, SPY x FAMILY, will no doubt be a favorite costume amongst all ages. So, of course  Donki is selling wigs for Anya and Yor! However, instead of being labeled as “SPY x FAMILY” wigs they are named “SECRET x AGENT”! 

You can also find “Disney” inspired costumes like Snow White, Cinderella and Belle. If characters’ costumes aren’t what you’re after, you can also find generic costumes like flight attendant, police officer or some type of magical being.

Or if you would prefer something completely different, you can find vegetable inspired costumes, like a Japanese daikon, (horseradish), generic jack-o-lantern, or even a classic Japanese school uniform. 

If you would like to move away from a fully Halloween themed costume, Donki also carries cute animal ears, oversized Minion hats, face paint and anime face coverings! Now, if being comfortable is key for you during Halloween events, then kigurumi, the Japanese character or animal onesie is the one for you! 

Hippo kigurumi, japanese onesie costume
Kigurumi aren’t just used as PJ’s, they also make a great Halloween costume! Image via Shutterstock

Whether you decide to stay home and enjoy sweet treats from the Don Quijote Halloween collection. Or go wild and be fully costumed, Don Quijote is the perfect place to visit! 

If you went to Don Quijote in Japan, what would you buy?

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Enjoy Delicious Japanese Candy And Snacks Every Month!

Starting from $32.50 USD

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