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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogTokyoTreat vs Bokksu: August 2021 Japanese Snack Comparison

TokyoTreat vs Bokksu: August 2021 Japanese Snack Comparison

Oliver McMahonOliver McMahon
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August 17, 2021
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June 21, 2022

Last month was incredibly hot here in Tokyo. With the humidity and the rain, keeping cool and refreshed was very difficult.

We’re sure that the same is for many of you in countries with hot summers. But you can always count on your friends at the monthly Japanese snack subscription box TokyoTreat to offer some refreshment

We wanted to take a look at the snacks on offer last month in TokyoTreat and see how they compare with another popular snack box Bokksu. See what we have to say!

Monthly Theme:

TokyoTreat took an adventure to Okinawa and decided to highlight the awesome culture of the southern Japanese island! We were able to enjoy some Okinawa exclusive items in this month’s box, some of them hard to find even in Japan! But we also made sure to include some popular Japanese flavors for the summer that we just HAD to share.

Bokksu themed their box around summer festivals in Japan, or Natsu Matsuri, giving you a different peek into life in Japan.

Want to snack on Japan-exclusive Kit Kats, soda, and other Japanese candy & snacks ASAP? TokyoTreat delivers a delicious Japanese snack experience for you to enjoy at home!

Snack by Snack Comparison:

Here are a few key points that differentiate what went into last month’s boxes. 

Round 1: Variety

TokyoTreat contained a total of 17 unique Japanese candy packs and snacks in the box, while Bokksu had 13 unique snacks but 20 snacks in the box total – so although total snacks are higher in Bokksu, TokyoTreat contains a higher range in variety.

Round 2: The Drink

TokyoTreat this month was making getting that little piece of Okinawa just a little bit easier with the Japanese drink Shikuwasa Fanta! This can’t be picked up outside of Okinawa, meaning most people in Japan haven’t even had a chance to score this rare Fanta. It has a unique and refreshing citrus flavor, super refreshing for summer.

Bokksu brought their subscribers 2 green tea bags, perfect for sharing a drink. Green tea is not normally enjoyed at summer festivals in Japan. But it would be a refreshing drink during summer.

Round 3: Savory Snacks

TokyoTreat is back at it with the Okinawa exclusives! These Okinawa exclusive chips feature a Shikuwasa citrus base to give them a refreshingly sour yet salty flavor. And the crunch from these Calbee chips make them even more addictive.

Bokksu came with Takoyaki Puffs! The famous Japanese octopus balls are beloved all over Japan, and in Bokksu you can score them in corn puff form. You can pick them up at most supermarkets in Japan. 

Round 4: Gummies

2021 was hit with super tasty Pokemon Pure Gummies – and TokyoTreat didn’t miss a beat to share them. These limited-edition Pikachu shaped sweets have a tropical fruit flavor with a sour sugar coating. Only here for a short time, they were a hot item in Japanese convenience stores everywhere this summer!

Bringing some summer matsuri vibes, Bokksu added Kakigori (Japanese Shaved Ice) gummies to their selection, often enjoyed during summer festivals. These gummies can be enjoyed year-round in Japan, but seem especially appropriate during summer.

Round 5: The Party Pack

TokyoTreat scored the awesome Summer Ice Cream flavor of Japanese KitKat to share with the TokyoTreat fam this month. KitKats come in so many great flavors all throughout the year, but this flavor certainly captured the vibe of summer. And there was even enough to share. Bokksu did not include a party pack in their August 2021 box. 

Bonus Round: Freebies

While not officially part of the box, TokyoTreat offers bonuses for people who sign up with specific codes. Last month, subscribers could score Pokemon Center Japan exclusives when they signed up – FOR FREE! If you want to find out what you could score for free this month, check our homepage.

Snack Weight:

Price & Shipping:

  • TokyoTreat: $35 + $12.50 for Shipping (3-5 Day Shipping to US)
  • Bokksu: $49.95 (7-42 Day Shipping Included)

Thanks to our close partnership with our shipping couriers, TokyoTreat is able to offer super high speed shipping that ensures your snacks get to you quickly and safely. Because shipping it straight from Tokyo doesn’t mean you have to wait an extended period to get your snack on!


Summer has some of the coolest and most fun snack flavors, and both Bokksu and TokyoTreat took summer in a different direction. But if you're looking for seasonal exclusive and location limited edition treats, TokyoTreat is the way to go! Wanna see what awesome Japan-exclusive snacks you could score this month? Check out TokyoTreat!

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Enjoy Delicious Japanese Candy And Snacks Every Month!

Starting from $32.50 USD

Get TokyoTreat

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