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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogCreepy Japanese food at the Vampire Cafe in Ginza Tokyo!

Creepy Japanese food at the Vampire Cafe in Ginza Tokyo!

By Jojo Morsche
August 14, 2018

If you've read our previous blog post about theme cafes in Tokyo you have probably heard about the Vampire Cafe in Ginza! Last weekend we decided to visit the Cafe, I've been wanting to go there for years! Even though I enjoy cute theme cafes like the Pokemon Cafe or the Hello Kitty Cafe, I was definitely very excited to try a cafe with a creepy theme! The Vampire cafe is located only a few minutes from Ginza station and wasn't hard to find. Ginza is known as the posh district of Tokyo, where wealthy Japanese come to shop for brand clothing and go to fancy restaurants, therefore I was surprised that the Vampire cafe was located here.

When entering the cafe we were greeted by this friendly guy!

If you want to visit the Vampire Cafe I recommend you to make a reservation, we didn't and had to wait for 40 minutes! Luckily we could sit down and admire the interesting spooky interior!

After 40 minutes our vampire waiter seated us in the room on the right side of the cafe. Rumors go that foreigners or people without a reservation get seated in the less interesting room of the cafe which was a little disappointing!

The decorations were still interesting though and definitely creepy!

After sitting down our vampire waiter explained us the rules and the menu. There were a lot of dishes and drinks to choose from!

We decided to order the following dishes:

1. Rose invitation card for the immortalized ¥1,274

This 4-cheeses pizza looks elegant and delicious!

2. Tragic execution of traitor by burning to death (half) ¥1,382

No idea what this chicken has done to be executed but it looks delicious!

3. Dark sorcery using flame harboring the devil ¥1,166 (incl tax)

This semi-dried tomatoes and whole garlic margherita pizza looks interesting to say the least!

It took quite a while before we got our food, around 50 minutes! We also ordered some drinks. On the left you can see Nosferatu (¥1,058) "cassis, blue curacao, ginger ale, the eyes of undead shine in the dark of black vodka". On the right you can see Castlevania's red sangria (¥810). The Nosferatu cocktail was very sweet and delicious but personally I would have appreciated this cocktail to be stronger especially for this price. The Castlevania's red sangria also tasted good, and these drinks definitely get bonus points for lighting up the dark room for an even creepier atmosphere!

The first dish that arrived was the "Rose invitation card for the immortalized" 4-cheeses pizza.

This pizza looked just as good in real life as on pictures! The cheese tasted great and had an interesting rose flavor. Small rose petals were probably used to prepare this dish but the rose on the envelope was actually apple! I found this pizza to be a little small to be a main dish.

The "Dark sorcery using flame harboring the devil" was the next dish to arrive.

The vampire waiter set the dish on fire as soon as it was served!

This was what it looked like afterwards, isn't it cute? My friend enjoyed this margherita pizza but agreed that the pizzas are small at this cafe.

Last but not least my other friend's dish the "Tragic execution of traitor by burning to death" arrived!

This chicken was also set on fire which was even more spectacular than the previous dish! After the fire was put out, potatoes and vegetables were added to the plate. I tried a little of this chicken and tasted absolutely amazing, very tender with enough herbs and spices! This chicken was definitely bigger than the two pizzas and worth the money!

I enjoyed the interior of Ginza's Vampire Cafe, although I really would have liked to see the red room with the coffin. The staff tried their best to act the part and dress up as vampires, especially the guys! Sadly some of the girls looked more like regular maids and seemed a little shy. The staff didn't really interact with any of the guests which was a pity. Since I can speak Japanese we had no communication problems but the staff doesn't speak English which might be a problem for tourists since the explanation of the menu is in Japanese as well! The food tasted really good, especially compared to other theme cafes but the pizzas were rather small. Overall: An interesting experience but is it worth the money? We're not sure!

Would you like to visit the Vampire Cafe in Ginza? Let us know in the comments!

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