What is the Pocky Game? The Japanese Party Game, Explained.

11 July 2021 by Jamila

Pocky is one of the most well-known Japanese snacks in the world. It’s a biscuit stick snack with a flavor coating on the outside. Produced by Ezaki Glico company, Pocky are chocolate-covered biscuit sticks. In Japan they can typically be found in convenience and grocery stores. Other Pocky flavors include matcha, strawberry, almond and many more. The name is derived from the Japanese onomatopoeic word pokin.

It’s Saturday night and after a week full of work the only thing you want to do is get together with your friends and play a few party games. You have your choice of board games, and video games but those don’t seem to create the spark of fun you're looking for. Party games are a great way to connect with friends in fun and goofy ways beyond Mario Party. One such game that’s popular in Japan is the Pocky Game!

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To play the Pocky Game,  you only need one other partner to play but the game is best played amongst a group of four or more friends. It has a similar concept to spin the bottle, so make sure everyone playing is okay with the possibility of being kissed! 

What You Need 

The game can be done with only two people but it’s best to have a group of four or more people. Since each stick is used for one round, it’s recommended to bring along a few of your favorite boxes of Pocky. Finally, you’ll also need an empty bottle to give the game a bit of variety.

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How to Play the Pocky Game 

As you’ve now gathered the group of players, it’s time to decide who will go first. There are several ways to choose either via a coin toss or choosing who has the closest birthday. Though we highly recommend choosing the Japanese way by playing a good round of janken (rock, paper, scissors)! Play until there’s one final winner. The winner then gets to be the first person to spin the bottle for the next round. 

After the bottle lands on one of the other players, the two players take one Pocky stick and put either end of the stick in their mouths Lady and the Tramp style.

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The objective of the game is to be the first person to reach the center without breaking or dropping the stick. Each player nibbles slowly, being careful not to bite too quickly or drop the stick. The first player to quit loses the round. If both players continue nibbling on the stick and meet in the middle then the players will kiss and the result is a tie. The game continues with the chosen winner spinning the bottle again for the next person. 

Tips For a Successful Game

The Pocky game is simple enough to play once you get the handle on it but we want everyone to have fun while playing. So here are a few tips to help your game run smoothly 

Brush Your Teeth!

Since the game has a high possibility of players kissing each other, it’s safe to say that no one wants to kiss someone with bad breath. If possible before playing try to brush your teeth to keep away any bad odor. If that’s not possible then a mint can do the trick!

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Make Sure Everyone is Comfortable! 

The Pocky game is very PG and is a safe game for everyone to play. However, it does involve being in close contact with others and a possibility of kissing. Before playing make sure all party members are comfortable with the possibility of sharing a friendly kiss! 

If anyone is uncomfortable, then consider playing something else and just enjoying your Pocky as a party snack! 

If you’re looking for a fun party game to play with your friends, the Pocky game is an excellent choice to get the party going. Use it as an ice breaker, to get a spark going between yourself and your crush, or simply as a fun way to bring your friends closer together.

Just bring along some Pocky and remember it’s all just a game so have fun! Have you tried the Pocky game before? If so let us know in a comment below.

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