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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogTop 2022 Japanese Snack Box: TokyoTreat vs. Bokksu?

Top 2022 Japanese Snack Box: TokyoTreat vs. Bokksu?

Sho YamamotoSho Yamamoto
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May 21, 2022
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May 23, 2022

If you’re anything like me, you do a lot of research before buying something. And that’s totally cool because there’s a lot of things out there, and you want to make sure you get the best of what you’re looking for. In the realm of Japanese snack boxes, there’s two big players that are often compared: TokyoTreat and Bokksu. Let’s take a look at what both services offer, and which one you should ultimately get into!

Getting Started with Subscription Snack Box Services

Before getting into the nitty gritty details of each service, you may be wondering how subscription snack boxes work. It’s not much different than the many other subscription services you may have already. Think about services like Netflix or Spotify. Those are considered to be “access” types of subscription, where paying monthly gives you access to things like movies and music.

With TokyoTreat and Bokksu, they’re in the category of “curation”, where every month, you are delivered items that are carefully and thoughtfully selected. Other businesses that are in the curation category are services like FabFitFun (women’s lifestyle goods) and Dollar Shave Club (men’s grooming necessities).

We have more details if you’re looking for a beginners guide to Japanese snack subscription services.

Japanese subscription boxes are great because they give you a chance to explore Japan through Japanese candies and Japanese beverages! For those who love and miss visiting Japan during the pandemic, these monthly boxes have been a great way to get the traveling experience within the comfort of your home!

Getting Your First Snack Box

When you’re ready to get your first Japanese snack box, the next thing to consider is what you’ll actually get. With TokyoTreat, you’ll always be able to get the latest limited edition snacks and Japanese exclusive drinks. Whatever the current theme is, you can count on scoring the best of the best.

Bokksu takes a different approach, and you won’t be able to just get they’re latest theme. However, you get their “intro box” which always has the same items in it. After then, you will be receiving their monthly themed boxes.

Each TokyoTreat and Bokksu box will come with booklets that give you more information on each snack, and things related to the theme. But after doing a booklet comparison, TokyoTreat takes it one step further and will include full articles to give you deeper cultural knowledge surrounding the theme!

Is your tummy rumbling? Wanting to fill up on limited edition Japanese snacks? TokyoTreat will deliver Japanese exclusive snacks and drinks to you every month!

Monthly Theme Comparison

When looking at the different themes, Bokksu leans towards traditional styles like focusing on a different area of Japan or a Japan holiday, whereas TokyoTreat likes to bring you pop culture and fun experiences of being in modern Japan. Bokksu features snacks from traditional makers, and TokyoTreat features the latest limited edition treats, like rare KitKat flavors, and exclusive drinks in Japan like Sakura Pepsi!

While Bokksu and TokyoTreat have monthly themes, because your first Bokksu box is their Seasons of Japan theme, you never know what the actual month theme it is they’re going to have out next. TokyoTreat will always have the current and most recent theme ready for people to enjoy.

Most recently, we compared both brand’s sakura 2022 snack boxes, as well as doing a Valentine’s box face-off! These comparisons got heated, but we think that TokyoTreat is the way to go for limited edition flavors from your favorite snack brands and Japanese exclusive drinks!


Overall, in the space of Japanese snack subscription boxes, you have a few options to go for. But if you dig deeper into which brand you should choose, there’s definitely one that sticks out as the best option for limited edition snacks and exclusive drinks from Japan: TokyoTreat!

From TokyoTreat’s origin story, to its cool monthly themes, and its great selection of Japanese snacks and drinks, you will get the true and exciting experience of modern day Japan! While you enjoy all of the delicious contents, you will get to step into the streets where the food comes from. Everything about it is a foodie’s paradise!

So if you’re ever wanting to know which Japanese snack subscription service to get, look no further than TokyoTreat!

Enjoy Delicious Japanese Candy And Snacks Every Month!

Enjoy Delicious Japanese Candy And Snacks Every Month!

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