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Starbucks Japan Halloween 2022 Drinks and More!

Bianca BacheBianca Bache
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October 20, 2022
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October 20, 2022

Starbucks Japan is known for releasing highly anticipated seasonal drinks and merchandise. Twice a year, the Starbucks frenzy falls upon Japan, during sakura season and Halloween season. Sakura season in Japan is particularly festive, because you can see snaking lines leading up to the corner Starbucks.

The line filled with giddy coffee enthusiasts waiting to get a taste of the short few weeks that the delicious pink drinks are available. But as the October chill settles in Japan, many wait for the spooky season merch to drop, and spooktacular drinks! 

And this year is no different! Starbucks Japan released their 2022 Halloween Collection in mid-October. We have the entire collection here for you to check out!

Starbucks Halloween Japan 2022 drink with cream on top
The latest in the Halloween Starbucks Range – Purple sweet potato. Image via Starbucks JP

Starbucks (Starbucks in Japanese スターバックス)  stores in Japan aren’t just coffee shops, they are also the highlight of the season for locals and must-visit destinations for tourists.

Every year Starbucks releases limited-time items. These items vary from year-to-year, including the Starbucks Halloween cups 2021 theme. This theme was based around ghosts, black cats and glow in the dark. This year, Halloween 2022, Starbucks theme is “Black Cats Get Magic”! 

Think playfully decorated black cats, and spookily cute ghosts! This year’s theme uses lilac, purple and black as the main motif colors! The entire collection is a tribute to the cute side of Halloween. In contrast, the Starbucks Halloween 2022 drink range is a rainbow of Halloween colors. Just keep reading to find out what Starbucks has in store for you! 

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Starbucks Halloween Japan 2022  red passion fruit tea
A tasty sweet Passion fruit tea from the Halloween 2022 Starbucks range. Image via Starbucks JP

Starbucks Japan: Drinks

This year Starbucks has released two sets of seasonal drinks, the first release is based around classic fall flavors like pumpkin spice lattes, and the second release is solely based on Halloween colors. This newest range of Halloween drinks is spooky rainbow colors including, purple, orange, green and red! Spooky! 

Starbucks Halloween 2022 orange, mango and passion tea with cream on top
Devilishly tasty Orange mango passion tea. Image via Starbucks JP

Purple Halloween Frappuccino

Keeping in the purple theme, Starbucks released this extra spooky Halloween electric purple Halloween drink! The sweet potato and vanilla combo Frappuccino drink will give you the taste of sweet autumn dessert.

Mango passion Tea Frappuccino

The Orange Halloween Mango Passion Tea Frappuccino is a delightfully fruity drink with citrus pulp and topped off perfectly with whipped cream. 

Matcha Cream Frappuccino 

The Green Halloween matcha cream Frappuccino uses the base matcha Frappuccino with a tasty Halloween treat – extra chocolate chips and chocolate sauce! The fun twist makes this green drink irresistibly good! 

Passion Tea with Vanilla Flavor Syrup 

Lastly in the Halloween color collection is the spookalicious Red Halloween drink. This drink features a passion fruit tea mixed with a lightly sweetened vanilla flavored syrup. So, if this spooky drink doesn’t peak your Halloween interest nothing else will! 

Japan 2022  Pumpkin spice latte, hot mug with cream and iced with cream
Get cozy this fall with the Japan’s pumpkin spice latte! Image via Starbucks JP

Starbucks Japan: Pumpkin Spice Latte 

Autumn is not autumn without a pumpkin spice latte! However, this wasn’t always the case in Japan. Pumpkin spice lattes made a brief appearance in 2006, and then again in 2021. And once again, Japan has been graced with all the cool weather tastiness that PSL has.

The creamy, sweet pumpkin flavor can turn any summer lover into a winter fan. The soul-warming drink is made with espresso and milk latte with a pumpkin spice flavored sauce and topped with whipped cream and nutmeg! 

Starbucks Blonde Latte with Oat Milk

Starbucks has previously brought out chestnut lattes, and sweet potato inspired lattes, but this year we have the delectable blonde latte. The Starbucks exclusive drink is made using fluffy frothed oat milk and delicious blonde espresso, made with a hint of sweetness.

Starbucks Halloween 2022  chocolate cupcake with raspberry sauce in the middle
Trick AND Treat chocolate and raspberry cupcake. Image via Starbucks JP


Starbucks Japan: Toro-ri Raspberry Halloween cake

Starbucks Japan loves a treat with a trick! The Toro-ri raspberry Halloween cake is made with devilishly sweet chocolate cupcakes as the treat. And the bleeding sour raspberry sauce as the cheeky trick! This tasty treat is the perfect and playful cake that will liven up the Halloween mood!

Basque Pumpkin Cheesecake

For something a bit more cozy is the Basque pumpkin cheesecake. This pumpkin-flavored mix cheesecake has a hint of warming spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. The delicious flavoring is placed on top of a hardened dough made from crushed barley biscuits.

This type of cheese cake is unique with the charred black surface that has a slightly bitter accent. The rich tasting pumpkin pie is the perfect cooler weather treat! 

Starbucks Halloween Japan 2022  entire collection, black cat mug, cup and tumbler. A ghost mug and straw set
The Starbucks Halloween 2022 features extra cute black cats! Image via TokyoTreat

Starbucks Japan Merchandise

The Japan Starbucks cups 2022 collection was released on October 12th 2022, and became available in the entire country from then on! This range though, is only for a limited time and while stocks last. So we introduce you to the extra spookiest and cutest Halloween Starbucks Japan cup, tumblers and of course Japan Starbucks mugs! 

Starbucks Halloween Japan 2022 black cat bottle
The spookiest Halloween season bottle for hot and drinks! Image via TokyoTreat

Halloween Starbucks Japan Bottle and Tumblers:

Halloween 2022 Stainless Bottle Cat 444ml

Halloween 2022 Stainless Tumbler Odd Eye Cat 355ml

Halloween 2022 Tumbler Cat & Ghost 473ml

Halloween 2022 Bottle Cat 355ml

Starbucks Halloween 2022 purple cat mug cup
The coziest hoodie cat mug for the scary season! Image via TokyoTreat

Halloween Starbucks Cups:

Halloween 2022 Mug Hoodie Cat 355ml

Halloween 2022 Mug Masked Cat 355ml

Halloween 2022 Mug Ghost 355ml

Halloween 2022 Heat Resistant Glass Mug Cat 355ml

Starbucks Halloween Japan 2022 black cat straw set
Keep your straws close for all the latest and tastiest Halloween drinks! Image via TokyoTreat

Starbucks Japan Halloween Goodies 

Halloween 2022 Reusable Straw Set & Case

This set includes three colorful silicone straws and a storage case containing a straw cleaning brush. The straws have a three-dimensional design of a siren logo, Halloween-inspired bat and jack-o’-lantern.

The case depicts an odd-eyed cat with different colored eyes, and the ears are three-dimensionally pressed. This set is perfect for bringing a bit of spookiness into your everyday life!

Halloween Canister Hoodie Cat

This Starbucks canister with a black cat wearing a jack-o’-lantern is the only one like it in this collection. The pumpkin jack-o-lantern comes in a purple color rather than orange, which adds a playful design. The pumpkin lid has a silicone gasket for an extra layer of protection.

Halloween Starbucks Mini Cup Gift Cat

This mini cup gift set is perfect as a Halloween-y treat! The gift set includes a mini cup, drink ticket, and a purple drawstring bag! 

Online Exclusive – Starbucks Japan Halloween 2022 Bearista Ghost

The extra cute Starbucks Bearista bear is dressed as a ghost ready for Halloween frights. The Bear has a perfectly orange pumpkin on her head and a large jack-o-lantern in her hand. What better accessory to get into the Halloween spirit?

Starbucks Halloween 2022 black cat with purple canister
The black cat canaster is the perfect companion for holding sugar or tea bags! Image via TokyoTreat

Before you know it Halloween spooky night will come! So enjoy the taste of limited edition drinks, and charming black cats before it’s over. Because before you know it, the sakura season and summer season will be around the corner with a new collection. 

If you did miss any of the merch, you can find plenty of Starbucks Japan’s Halloween 2022 collection over on JapanHaul!

Which one would you like to try, or what was your favorite selection from autumn 2022’s Halloween collection from Starbucks new cups? Let us know below!

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