QUIZ: Which Starbucks Japan Frappuccino Are You?

17 July 2021 by Oliver

POV: You’ve just finished munching your tasty Japanese treats from your TokyoTreat box when suddenly you get a hankering for something more frosty. You head out to your local favorite coffee shop chain Starbucks. 

You take one look at the menu and you’re struck with the inevitable problem… What to choose?! Which of Starbuck’s many Frappuccinos should you be picking!? We’ve all been there. No? Just me…?

It’s a good thing the TokyoTreat team is here to solve any Frappuccino selection problems!! With our highly accurate and scientific quiz, we’ll help to determine which Starbucks Japan Frappuccino speaks to your very soul! Take our quiz below to find out!

What result did you receive? Are you covered in chocolate chips, topped with whipped cream, or are you part of the Starbucks secret menu? Regardless, we’re sure you’re going to be making the best choices, since… let's be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of the tasty options on offer.

Just like Starbucks Japan's creations, there's no end to the interesting flavors available year-round in a TokyoTreat Japanese snack box!

Or maybe you’re no longer in the mood for a Frappuccino and you’re reaching for the matcha green tea? If you’re struggling to make up your mind and settle on a snack to eat with your drink, why not let the TokyoTreat team pick some Japanese candy for you?

Every month our team hand-selects 17 Japan-exclusive snacks, Japanese sweets, and Japanese sodas & soft drinks that you simply cannot miss that month and send them straight to your door. So come and join us this month for delicious Japanese snacks. We have plenty to share!

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