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TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks BlogThemed Cafes and Restaurants: The Best Five to Check Out!

Themed Cafes and Restaurants: The Best Five to Check Out!

Thalia HarrisThalia Harris
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October 14, 2022
A colorul fondant cake, in the style of Alice and Wonderland. This is most likely from a themed cafe or restaurant.

Themed cafes and restaurants in Japan are very popular with locals and tourists and offer unique experiences!  Animal-themed ones such as cat and owl cafes feature cute pets that accompany you while you eat.

Maid cafes and character cafes are major cultural touchstones in Akihabara.   Not to mention they also feature innovative food and drinks on their menus, especially at some restaurants in Tokyo!

Here at TokyoTreat, we covered many restaurants that offer themed food. While legendary attractions such as the Robot Cafe and the Kawaii Monster cafe are officially out of business, you can still go to many other places! So without further ado, and especially in the spirit of Halloween, here are our top five themed cafes and restaurants!

Pokemon Cafe

The Pokemon Cafe is one of the most fun-themed cafes and restaurants based on the franchise of the same name! There are two locations both in Tokyo and Osaka! They opened in 2018 to celebrate Japan’s 20th anniversary of the largest Pokemon Center.  

Throughout the years, the Pokemon Cafe has never failed to wow us with its seasonal menus! From summer to Halloween, this themed restaurant knows how to make food featuring the cutest and coolest Pokemon! 

For their summer 2018 menu, the Cafe followed the Alola theme in coordination with Pokemon Sun & Moon! This included an adorable Eevee plate, an awesome Locomoco plate, and a delicious Ditto fruit bowl! 

A plate of Eeve-themed locomoco, dish from the Pokemon Cafe. Decorateive food is a common feature at themed cafes and restaurants.
Like most character cafes, expect to see a lot of food in the shape of Pokemon! Image via Shutterstock

They’re not shy about movie tie-ins, either! When Detective Pikachu came out back in 2019, their menu included a tasty mac and cheese with the character’s head on top! Printed lattes were also up for grabs, as well as a soda float with a Pikachu tail cookie!

A table full of Detective Pikachu themed food at the Pokemon cafe
It’s mac and cheese with Detective Pikachu on top! What more could you ask for? Image via TokyoTreat

To top it all off, their Halloween menus aren’t to be missed, either. Last time, they had a Pikachu plate with an omelet, a Celebi pesto pasta, and so much more! But this year, the Pokemon Cafe will feature a Gengar Cheese Fondue, including a ghost-themed fruit parfait! This dish is exclusive to the Halloween season, so you don’t want to miss it!

A deeset plate from Pokemon Cafe, featuring the Pokemon Tangela, a creature who resemble a bunch of blue tangled vines.
Pokemon Cafe offers some of the most creative dishes ever! Image via Shutterstock

Can’t get enough themed Japanese food? Then try out TokyoTreat! TokyoTreat sends tasty and exclusive Japanese noodles, sweets, snacks, drinks, and much more right to your door in one convenient box. Enjoy a taste of Japan wherever you are!

Mario and Toad Cafes

For those who like Super Mario, you should head over to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka! It’s an amusement park that opened last March, and it’s entirely dedicated to everything Mario.  It has everything you’d want in a theme park–rides, attractions, and themed cafes.  

An overhead shot of Super NIntendo World home of the Mario and Toad Cafes, which is two famous themed cafes and restaurants..
Super Nintendo Cafe is home to the Mario and Toad Cafes! Image via Shutterstock

Super Nintendo World has two themed cafes: the Mario Cafe and The Toad Cafe.  The Mario Cafe uses a brick-themed background reminiscent of the Super Mario franchise. Other decorations include square brick blocks, Piranha Plants, and gold coins!

A delicious bacon cheeseburger, which would look even better at one of many themed cafes or restaurants.
Basically, this bacon cheeseburger, but with Mario vibes! Image via Shutterstock

The Mario menu offers quick meals such as pancake sandwiches shaped like Mario and Luigi’s caps.  It also has cream sodas that feature Princess Peach as well!  If you want a quick bite to eat while enjoying some Super Mario nostalgia, then the Mario Cafe is the place for you!

However, if you’d prefer a more dine-in experience, the Toad Cafe might be more your speed! Not only is it a more cozy restaurant, but it has so much to offer regarding food. Standout items include a “Mario Bacon Cheeseburger” and “Question Block Tiramisu”!

2D Cafe

For a quick change of pace, let’s talk about 2D Cafe in Shin-Okubo! It’s a popular restaurant where all the furniture and decor resemble a two-dimensional world. Everything is monochrome, or black and white, and looks like beautifully imperfect line drawings.

An interior shot of @D Cafe, a monochrome themed cafe and restuarant that resembles the inside of a sketchbook.
This place is based on a cafe of a similar name in Korea. Image via TokyoTreat

In contrast, the food they serve is quite colorful!  2D Cafe mostly specializes in kakigoori (shaved ice), bubble tea, and other sweet drinks. The menu is lighter, but the soft, relaxing atmosphere is a major plus, and there is no rush to leave right after your meal!

Ninja Tokyo (formerly Ninja Akasaka)

Ever wanted to know what it would be like to dine on luxury food in a ninja hideout? Then head on over to Ninja Tokyo! This ninja-themed restaurant is located in a replica of a feudal Japanese castle and features–you guessed it–ninja staff! When you enter, you’ll be greeted by a ninja guide who will help solve puzzles to get you to your private dining room!

Two ninja staff fighting in the doowat of Ninja Tokyo, a luxury ninja-themed resturant. It's one of many themed cafes and restaurants in Japan.
Who wouldn’t want to see some feisty ninja dudes fight while enjoying wagyu steak? Image via TokyoTreat

As is the case with most themed restaurants, there are gimmicks aplenty.  Not only do they perform sword tricks, but they also include fire in their acts! To top it all off, if you spend over 3,000 yen per person, you get a full-on ninja show with illusions and acrobatics!

Unlike many other themed eateries, Ninja Tokyo does not skimp on the food!  Their menu has gourmet offerings such as wagyu steak, caviar, garlic gnocchi, and roasted green tea! This makes it one of the most luxurious themed cafes and restaurants. So, when you go to Ninja Tokyo, expect a luxurious, daring, and unforgettable experience!

Vampire Cafe-Ginza

Even though the Vampire Cafe in Ginza is open year-round, it is picture-perfect for the Halloween season. When you enter, expect a gothic decor and a lot of red and black.  If you want the most interesting room, make a reservation well ahead of time!

A tiered tray of sweets with lots of red fuirts and dark chocolate at the Vampire Cafe, a themed cafe and resturants in Tokyo.
Vampire Cafe doesn’t shy away from Gothic-themed in its food and decor. Image via TokyoTreat

The vibe in the Vampire Cafe strikes a perfect balance between tasteful and kitschy. In addition, the staff are also dressed as vampires and maids. The menu is also rather macabre. It features imagery such as pizza shaped like lavish envelopes, glowing red sangria, and whole roasted chickens set aflame!

Even though the Vampire Cafe is located in the posh and slightly international Ginza neighborhood, be aware that the staff only speaks Japanese.  So if you’re willing to brush up on some basic phrases before heading over, it’s well worth the effort!

Did any of your favorite themed cafes or restaurants make this list? Are there any other ones we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!

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