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June 2018: Summer Carnival

Take a peek inside our June Japanese snack box!

8baf77a8407a7d5ab15d6da9178e7ac20c9074f6 june 02
Pepsi J-Cola Midnight
09c67d6507f47bc051da59fdeec820a3f8a44557 june 08
Happy Turn Soy Sauce Cheese Party Pack
6f092e5149067c2ad65e38f134bb6bc3a803fbd8 june 13
Doraemon Gummies
9aa394c1c5e6f808ddb9ae3ada5229ee4f62b56d june 04
Kakigori Ramune Candy
561f38f1b765b5a1979f5eb789f828c954f0e3e1 june 06
Cream Rusk
E6c4e9e2b7d2d43eda0248bd33bf24193f48c2e5 june 07
Ikinari Dango Japanese Kit Kats
3d5d1f83dd7979d85e154e23be82b3a225659b17 june 01
Meiji Takenoko No Sato - Cookies & Cream or Honey Butter
90c864d9e57807991ef4ec242981d6656ce9c2b3 june 03
Yogurt Flavored Ginza Rusk
571181640cb52aaaec87508c1731d5a395f166a2 june 10
Melon Cream Soda Chips
Bb0f2263eb9c17d659d812d9c833a3e974e5b1b4 june 09
Koikeya Scone Rich Corn Flavor
14c8a9b5ee598aa61940043689bbe08d08aa01f3 june 11
Salty Seaweed Stick Potato Snack Share Pack
Cc66c78c01a653ec6c6776dcf55c76d43be819a4 june 14
Popsicle DIY Japanese Candy Kit
34d85978c40e9314975ec0ca1a7a5638b9047453 june 05
Cheesnack Dagashi
03c37dbf090bd959ac805bcca9a47f80ea66f819 june 12
Tonkatsu Sauce Umaibo
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