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June 2018: Summer Carnival

Take a peek at the Japanese candy inside our June Japanese snack box!

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Pepsi J-Cola Midnight
4677ce12a3cee26466280bd3403e1912265648d3 june 2018 happy turn soy sauce cheese flavor 1
Happy Turn Soy Sauce Cheese Flavor
4758af52984cf41e6a20682a44c5bdebac046dff june 2018 doraemon gummies 2
Doraemon Gummies
F24509a69689857a4f1a404c918e05fa56f5bfdd june 2018 kakigori ramune candy 3
Kakigori Ramune Candy
38318d35cdb83bbc064a0bc532c2de71d3297619 june 2018 cream rusk 4
Cream Rusk
Abd634e42d9d4865d96578d5322a88be70ff3fcf june 2018 ikinari dango japanese kit kats 5
Ikinari Dango Japanese Kit Kats
E03a14bf3537734dd2669338a5a05d083a9cc2da june 2018 meiji takenoko no sato cookies cream or honey butter 6
Meiji Takenoko No Sato - Cookies & Cream or Honey Butter
C062d18c5c1e47cf684fbd8e7c040d50bc3ab265 june 2018 yogurt flavored ginza rusk 7
Yogurt Flavored Ginza Rusk
289d58244e0b674a8cceb1a3b466d4ad93dbc02c june 2018 melon cream soda chips 8
Melon Cream Soda Chips
7adacc5585a232378a5a1a4a3f65767c20b38883 june 2018 koikeya scone rich corn flavor 9
Koikeya Scone Rich Corn Flavor
16e95b956fb9c2998b6c1c0a3ba3beaf014259ad june 2018 salty seaweed stick potato snack 10
Salty Seaweed Stick Potato Snack
500a424cdc0f62777627bf08f41e9d746d17fd87 june 2018 popsicle diy kit 11
Popsicle DIY Kit
3315c59d3fa896cda79c02d77feb50e26eac6ab8 june 2018 cheesnack 12
0b9497a3fddb4174cbfd0951835c176b32dc254f june 2018 tonkatsu sauce umaibo 13
Tonkatsu Sauce Umaibo
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