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Sakura Season Exclusives

Must have!

Sakura Season Exclusives

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Must have!

Sakura Season Exclusives

Must have!

Sakura Season Exclusives

Beginners Guide to TokyoTreat: Sakura Season Snacks

Dagashi are snacks that are woven into the childhood of many people who grew up in Japan.
Every spring, Japan turns pink for 2 weeks once the famous Japanese cherry blossoms, or sakura, bloom!

With the whole country reaching sakura fever, it can only mean one thing - it’s time to snack out on sakura goodies

Once March or April rolls around, monthly Japanese candy and snack box TokyoTreat celebrates the season with plenty of snacks, from sakura chocolate to sakura ramune. There is a snack or drink to give everyone a true taste of the season. Let’s get to learn more about some of the tastiest seasons in Japan!

Happy Hanami!

The most fun part of sakura season is 100% Hanami, the Japanese tradition of having food and drinks in the park while watching the cherry blossoms bloom.

Walk though any big park during late March or early April and you’ll see friends, families and even whole companies enjoying a Spring picnic, often with bento lunch boxes or their favorite drinks. People use it as an opportunity to come together and bond. Why not try to make your own Japanese Hanami party when the sakura blooms near you!

What does Sakura taste like?

While we don’t recommend trying actual sakura petals (you’ll be in for a nasty shock), when properly prepared, sakura can have a delicious, sweet and elegant flavor. It resembles the flavor of cherry, but can be more sweet or sour depending on how it’s prepared.
It’s been a feature of springtime Japanese desserts for centuries and perfect for giving any snack a Japanese twist.
Snack companies get especially excited around this time, With Sakura Pepsi, Sakura KitKats and Sakura Pocky among many more being popular spring treats! Try enjoying them with a touch of salt to really push the flavor to the next level!

When can I try Sakura snacks?

This might be obvious, but Sakura is a seasonal and limited edition flavor. We usually see cherry blossom flavored snacks appear around March, April and May. And like their namesake they tend to be gone after the Spring season - meaning if you want to try them, you’ve got to go quick!

But no fear in ever missing the top Sakura snacks of the year when TokyoTreat is around! Every year you can look forward to awesome Sakura sodas, sweets and so much more! And while you wait, enjoy all the delicious treats from Japanese summer, fall and winter! Check this month’s upcoming box!
Check this month’s upcoming box!
Sakura Season ExclusivesSakura Season Exclusives

Did you know?!

Every year there is a forecast that predicts when the cherry blossoms will bloom! Lucky the TokyoTreat team can predict the best snacks too!

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Sakura Ramune

KitKat SakuraKitKat Sakura

KitKat Sakura

Sakura PockySakura Pocky

Sakura Pocky

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Lipton Sakura Tea

Sakura MochiSakura Mochi

Sakura Mochi

Sakura PepsiSakura Pepsi

Sakura Pepsi

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